T1 signs Sonii, Sofa and Fulmer To NA Fortnite Squad

Sonii Fortnite Player for T1
Source: Twitter @sonii

T1 Esports picks up muscle man Sonii along with Sofa and Fulmer to form NA Fortnite team.

SK Telecom T1 is a Korean professional gaming team based in South Korea. SK Telecom T1 is the only team to have won the World Championship at League of Legends three times. They are very well known across the world for their Starcraft 2 and LoL teams. However, they have recently joined the Fortnite Esports arena with 2 teams. They are also forming an all Korean team to go along with an NA based organization. This is the second major Fortnite signing of American players as Team Secret has done the same with two major Fortnite signings.

Until now, their major success has been LoL. Even though their teams ranking have dropped a little, they are still a top tier organization across Asia. T1 just signed 3 names Alex “SOFA” Kolich, Cody “Fulmer” Fulmer and Michael “Sonii”. The coach for both teams will be BBFLORIS.

With the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers many teams are trying to get into the action. T1 is now one of them with the signing of Sonii, Sofa and Fulmer for the NA Fortnite team. Although Sonii is signed as a Fortnite Competitor his eye popping physique can also help with marketing their brand. Sofa and Fulmer are expected to be duo’s because they have played together. Of course, Fulmer is also a considerable force over on the Solo side. He was able to pass NA Winter Royale Qualifiers being number 1 but failed qualifying for the grand final.

Marketing Genius

Of course, these signings come 3 months after the 2018 Korea Open as Epic Games wanted to host an event with its soaring popularity across Korea. From a marketing standpoint, it was a solid decision. There are more and more teams scrambling to build rosters ahead of the the World Cup.

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