Tfue Explains Why Cloakzy Fails to Show Up to Streams

Tfue Explains Why Cloakzy Fails to Show Up to Fortnite Streams

Tfue and Cloazky are one of the best duos in Fortnite. When Cloazky failed to show up to one of Tfue’s streams, Tfue explains why FaZe Cloak misses them.

FaZe Clan

Tfue and Cloakzy are one of the most popular Fortnite duos in the game. Both play under the FaZe Clan umbrella. While they play competitively for FaZe clan, they also stream on the side and have their own dedicated channels. In the competitive space, both haven’t had great showings with their best result at the Luxe Cup finishing in 21st place.

On the singles side, Tfue has been performing a little better than Cloakzy, recently winning the North American World Cup Qualifiers  a few days ago.

Where’s Cloakzy?

Now that the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers are over with, Tfue is back to streaming like he normally does. He actually said he prefers to stream over competing in tournaments.  Tfue can be seen streaming with his partner and crime, Cloakzy. However, this time around Cloakzy was no where to be found. It’s not the first time that Cloakzy did a no-show.

Since Cloakzy was no where to be found, Tfue got his buddy Dubs fn to fill in. At one point in the stream, Dubs asked Tfue where FaZe Cloak was. Tfue responded saying he doesn’t know, and that he was trying to call Cloakzy before.

He then said that Cloak typical drinks and passes out, which is why he doesn’t show up or answer his phone.

“He just gets drunk and just passes out.”

It seems that perhaps Cloakzy wasn’t able to come to the stream because of the case above, or, he probably didn’t have the time to stream as he might of been doing something else.

Tfue Cloakzy FaZe Clan Forthnite duo
Source: FaZe Cloak Youtube

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