New Fortnite Quadcrasher Hacking A Major Issue

fortnite quadcrasher hacker and respawn exploits
source: videoblocks

Hackers are currently wrecking havoc using quadcrashers during Fortnite BR games, with Tfue and Poach getting killed from it during their live streams

Superstar Faze Clan member Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Popular Liquid player, Poach both encountered and died to a new type of hack during their recent live streams. 

Tfue Encounter

Tfue is the first to have experienced the strange hack as he was duo’d with Cloak during an LTM. They quickly realize that the hacker had an advanced technique, even respawning, that they had never seen before. Using a quadcrasher mid air, the hack enables to continuously smash into a player causing major damage.

Cloak first notices and dies to it, then warns tfue as he tries to escape. During the same stream, it happens again as both Tfue and Cloak know there is nothing they can do.

First Quadcrasher hack


Second Quadcrasher hack


Cloak mentions it on his twitter page:

Liquid Poach encounter

Poach has also voiced his frustrations after two quadcrasher hacking encounters. As the clip clearly shows, a player hardly has any time to react once they hear the quadcrasher approaching. As Poach is looting, you can vaguely hear it approaching and Poach knows exactly what is going to happen.


When Will Epic Patch

Poach’s last tweet is very interesting, how banning hardware should be a priority. This can in fact help with some hackers who mod games, however spoofing mac addresses and other hardware is easy to do. It is very clear that the majority of hackers target famous players to disrupt and frustrate them while they live stream.  Although, Epic Games is very vocal and clear regarding game changes and content updates, they remain very hush when it comes to hacking and exploits. Exploits and glitches get patched with no announcements but Epic does take these matters very seriously. A major hack of this type should not take long before being resolved.

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