Tfue Moves In With Cloakzy. Big Announcement On Vlog This Sunday?

Tfue Moves In With Cloakzy. Big Announcement Coming
Source: Tfue / Cloakzy YouTube

Updating: May 29, 2019: In a recent stream, Cloakzy announced that Turner “Tfue” Tenney was moving in with him. He also asked fans who are not subbed on YouTube to do so as he will be releasing a Vlog on Sunday with Tfue.

Brother From Another Mother

If you watch Fortnite esports tournaments, you’ll quickly see two players who always stick together; Tfue and Cloakzy. They are considered one of the best duos in Fortnite Battle Royale, and both play for the same esports organization, FaZe Clan (for now). Both have won multiple tournaments together, and both are considered some of the best individual players as well.

When Cloakzy and Tfue are not competing in tournaments, they are streaming together for the most part on Twitch. Sometimes, Cloakzy fails to show up to streams, but you can catch them playing duos on either of their channels. In a nutshell, both players are inseparable. They’ve formed a bond, and fans were given more insight into their friendship through the whole ordeal between Tfue Vs FaZe Clan. News broke out last week that Tfue was suing FaZe Clan. This sparked quite a debate between fans of Tfue and fans of FaZe Clan. One of FaZe Clan’s owners, FaZe Banks, said that before Tfue was signed to FaZe, he played with Cloakzy, who before that didn’t want to play with Tfue because he thought Tfue couldn’t play in a team. However, after a few matches, their synergy was unmatched, and the friendship essentially grew to what it is today.


Since the whole lawsuit, Tfue has temporarily removed any affiliation with FaZe Clan. He removed the name and logos from his social media channels and Twitch account. However, the main question was how would this event affect his friendship with Cloakzy? Essentially it didn’t affect it at all, and both streamers would continue to play Fortnite together a few days later. Furthermore, the lawsuit between Tfue and FaZe has calmed down and there haven’t been many updates from either side. However, Tfue and Cloakzy have both shared some info about updates on their end.

Tfue Moves In With Cloakzy

In Tfue’s stream yesterday, he was playing with Cloakzy as usual, covering up any logos or mention of FaZe Clan on his Twitch channel. During a break from the game, Tfue mentioned that he was sending a bunch of boxes to Cloakzy’s house in Jersey, essentially $10,000 worth of PC equipment. However, in Cloakzy’s stream today he mentioned that Tfue was moving in with him, to Jersey.

Tfue was sending all of his stuff to Cloakzy’s house and staying there for a while. Cloazky said, “Me and Turner are going to be doing some crazy “sh**“.

Cloazky gave some more details as to what they were going to do; vlogs, play some Fortnite and get a nice house together. But as Cloak was giving details over his stream, he stopped to think about what he’s allowed to say and what he’s not allowed to say on stream due to the whole lawsuit that’s ongoing between Tfue and FaZe. He then went into a little more detail about his position:

“I got a text today saying I shouldn’t talk about anything. But I want to talk about stuff. I can’t tell you, anything guys. But, I know you guys are going to wonder if I am going to stay in FaZe. But, I am talking to FaZe to figure out what I want to do.”

It was unclear as to who sent him that text. But Cloakzy gave some insight into what was going on as he had to be careful with his wording, and what to say on stream to his fans. Cloakzy said he will be in talks with FaZe clan to “figure out what” he wants to do. Cloakzy’s wise for not giving too many details as it could come back to haunt him for whatever reason. So he’s just taking precautionary measures. Cloakzy then went on to say this:

He appreciates everyone looking out for him. But Cloakzy seems to have a lot of things he wants to get out, however, he needs to tread lightly given the circumstances now. He did mention that he received a whole script that he wanted to read, but he has to wait for things to unfold. But that didn’t stop him from answering a question regarding Tfue.

One viewer asked if Tfue was going to join another esports organization, in which Cloakzy replied with “no”. It’s unclear if Cloak meant “no”, he is not going to answer that, or, “no” as in Tfue is not joining another team. Many fans have concluded that Tfue initiated the lawsuit to get out of FaZe and build his own brand, and with Tfue not joining another team would only confirm what fans have been saying all along. Nonetheless, we’ll most likely hear more updates from Cloakzy in the next few days/weeks. Stay tuned.

Cloakzy Leaving FaZe Clan
Source: Cloakzy YouTube
Updated: May 29th
Cloakzy Wants You To Sub to his YT Channel

Cloakzy mentioned in his recent stream that he wants his viewers who are not subscribed to him on Youtube to do so. The reason is obviously to support him, but most importantly Cloakzy said he and Turner “Tfue” Tenney are putting out a Vlog on Sunday. He specifically made sure that everyone would know it’s coming out on Sunday if everything goes well with the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers.

The Vlog that will be coming on Sunday might answer some trailing questions for fans, such as Cloakzy’s future with FaZe clan. Before he left his stream, Cloakzy did say he has to call Turner and “do some stuff regarding my future“. There’s a lot of things brewing behind the scenes and perhaps this Sunday will have a huge annoucement.

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