Tfue Says Fortnite Map Is One Of The Worst Battle Royale Maps

Tfue Says Fortnite Map is One of The Worst Battle Royale Maps

After Tfue complained about participating at the Fortnite World Cup, he is now complaining about the Fortnite map.

Tfue’s Opinion Matters

If there’s anyone that has any voice in Fortnite Battle Royale, that person would be Tfue. Considering that he has close to 6 million followers on Twitch, and 11 million on YouTube, his opinion does matters. Tfue got all his followers from playing Fortnite and no other game. Tfue is also considered one of the best and has won many tournaments, including the last Fortnite World Cup. Many fans were disappointed to find out that Tfue will not be competing in any future World Cup tournaments, as he wants to focus just on streaming Fortnite.

However, if he will be streaming the game he wants to have changes and new additions to the map that will keep him interested in playing.

This Is Probably One of The Worst Ones

In one of Tfue’s recent streams of Fortnite, he stopped playing after he was frustrated with his last result. Looking at the screen, he then put his hands on his face in frustration of something. But what exactly was Tfue frustrated about? Watch the video to find out.

Tfue was reflecting on the game and then said, “They need to make a new map.” It seems now that on top of the bugs and glitches that Tfue was complaining about, he now wants Epic Games to create a totally new map. It has been the same map for years, with locations being changed for every season, but nothing substantial like a whole new section added to the map, or a reconstruction of the map in general. Tfue went on to say the “map is dog sh**“.

“I’ve played like countless BR maps and this one is probably one of the worst ones when it comes to like, how everything is placed. Makes no sense.”

Will Epic Games Change the Map?

Tfue is not the only Fortnite influencer that has voiced his opinion on certain things about Fortnite that he’s not happy with. Ninja has also voiced concern over Fortnite’s status and where they were heading towards. It was first all about the bugs and glitches that were still outstanding, while Epic Games continued pouring in new features and additions to the game. Ninja was complaining that Epic continues to put new things in the game but haven’t fixed their old problems. Ninja also made a remark about stopping Fortnite if Epic Games doesn’t change their ways.

Tfue Frustrated with Fortnite Map
Source: Twitch

However, there are still bugs and glitches, and Ninja continues to play Fortnite. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Ninja has a userbase that only want to see him play Fortnite, and if he switches games he might lose a large number of followers.

That would hardly be the case as Ninja is one of the most popular and adored streamers in the video game space, so even if he did change games his followers would follow him. Th same can be said about Tfue, and despite both saying they will stop playing, they are not leaving Fortnite any time soon.

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