Tfue Shares His Thoughts on What The Block Should Be

Tfue Shares His Thoughts on What The Block Should Be
Source: Tfue YT

Popular streamer “tfue” shared his thoughts on Fortnite’s The Block and what it should consist of.

Epic Games likes to engage with their audience, and are very fast when it comes to responding to the community. In turn, this created two things. Fast updates on Fortnite, and since the creation of Fortnite Creative Mode, players are able to submit their creations and get featured on the Fortnite Map. Over the past months, we have seen some amazing creations take place in The Block. Epic Games is currently not thinking about removing it from the game. They are very serious about The Block as they keep going with it. Additionally, Creative Mode was another add-on in Fortnite and very successful. Now the Fortnite World Cup even has a Creative Mode Finals for it’s players.

Tfue Shares His Thoughts

Of course, Pro gamers have their own ideas on The Block., and one of those pro gamers who share his thoughts about it was Tfue. According to Tfue, The Block should be a looting zone. Of course, this is an interesting idea. Let us check what did tfue say about The Block.

Tfue said, “This is what we need in The Block. We need a giant condensed looting circle right in the center. It is just a giant mount of loot and either land there and kill everyone or just land there and die. There is no in between, there is no alternatives. That is what we need in The Block just a giant pit of loot that is not spread out at all.

As we have said before, The Block changes regularly. Maybe this statement will reach to the Epic Games developers and The Block can be a little bit more appealing to the players. From what we see most players do not want to drop on the block because of unfamiliar surroundings that change every couple of weeks. Until now we have seen 10 different creations for Fortnite The Block. This means a part of the map changed over 10 times. The Block is without a doubt one of the best ideas Epic Games came up with, but it can be a little bit more appealing for players.

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