TFUE Vlog Review A Battle Bus Gift

Tfue vlog review
source: tfue youtube

TFUE Vlog Review A Battle Bus Gift

Mr Beast just gifted Tfue a battle bus in his latest vlog. The way he gives it to Tfue is amazing. Here is a recap

Tfue starts his vlog by dressing up in the most comical way.

Tfue vlog battle bus
source: Tfue Youtube

Later in the video, Tfue finds a rapper selling his albums on the streets. What happens next is by far the best part of the whole vlog.

Tfue asks the rapper to freestyle and include “Tfue” in the rap. The rapper, without any hesitation, adheres to the request and gets into the groove. Tfue impressed by the performance, tips the rapper a whopping 100$.

Surprised with a Battle Bus

The Vlog carries on with celebrations and wild party bits. Mr Beast then places a video call to Tfue and informs him that he’ll be arriving at his house in 10 minutes. Tfue allows Mr Beast to get the last kill of his game before they step outside!

Mr Beast and Tfue’s brother Jack Tenney built a real life Battle Bus for Tfue.

Tfue battle bus first impression
source: tfue youtube

The battle bus is literally “state of the art”. You can hear Tfue say that this is a “Lan Bus”.

The battle bus comes custom built with its own PlayStation console and PC gaming systems. Apart from the tech, the bus has its own Fornite props from a “pick-axe” to a “chug jug” refrigerator.

The video also includes Tfue riding the BattleBus for the first time. Apparently, the first bus Tfue ever rode in his life is a Battle Bus.

the vlog gets crazier when the whole Crew inside the bus including, TFue and Mr beast, decide to jump off a bridge into what seems to be a lake.

So it’s official, people have jumped off the BattleBus!

Like almost every Tfue vlog, this one also ends with the cops spotting their craziness and letting them off with a warning.

You can watch the whole vlog posted by Tfue below:

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