The Story Of Fortnite Explained – Best Fortnite Cinematics

The Story Of Fortnite Explained Best Fortnite Cinematics
Image courtesy of LaffenGas

Fortnite has some of the best Cinematics created by fans of the game. Here’s the story of Fortnite explained.

The Story Of Fortnite Explained – Best Fortnite Cinematics

The story of Fortnite is simple if you have been religiously following the game since its launch in 2017.

One filmmaker took his skills to the next level and created an amazing fortnite cinematic video.  The video explains the story line starting from season 3 right to the end of season 6.

Epic gained most of its new players around season 3 (Feb2018). This is when the meteor conspiracy initially started to flood the fortnite communities. It was during this time that the biggest map makeovers occurred and a true fortnite Story was created for fans to follow. I am sure you all remember the click-bait articles evolved around a “meteor hitting Titled Towers”. This never happened but Epic did keep us at the edge of our seats right until the last second.

If you talk to someone who plays fortnite, many will admit that they started playing around season 3. We tend to forget the evolution of each season because of the in-season changes Epic releases.

Season 3 – Season 6 Recap

Have no fear, Youtube filmmaker LaffenGas has created a fortnite film walking us through all major events as they unfolded. This is no ordinary cinematic creation. This arguably one of the best cinematic creation I have ever watched, and I have watched hundreds since the addition of the replay feature.

The music, the edits and cuts are top notch. You would think you are watching an official trailer.

I have have been an avid player since Season 3 and have followed all events as they have unfolded. This video is spot on and sends chills down your spine as it brings back memories on how all seasons have unfolded.

Here is the videoLaffenGas is one of the best video creators I have stumbled upon and deserves major credit for his work.

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