Fortnite’s Tilted Town Is Becoming Gotham City

Fortnite's Tilted Town Is Becoming Gotham City
  • Fortnite is taking things to another level with the new Crossover event, which will have Tilted Town become Gotham city. Here’s all the info.

Fortnite’s Tilted Town Is Becoming Gotham City

Fortnite is doing a great job with their marketing. This game is standing strong due to a variety of innovative additions to the game, and their crossover events is a major part of that. In many games, for example WoW, most of the community believes that the marketing department is ruling WoW and they are not doing a good job. However, Epic Games is doing a good job on their own games. We have seen many events until now. Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mode still rings a bell even for the players who dropped the game. It was an amazing LTM for its time. But now things are getting more and more interesting with Season X. Fortnite Season X or Season 10 got off on a bad foot due to the overpowered BRUTE. Honestly, most of the players, myself included, were waiting for another new map.

However, this did not happen. Instead, we got a rollback to Season 4 in some areas of the map. This is attributed to the Stranger’s arrival. Fortnite Season 10 is changing the map in a completely new way. Most locations on the map got rift beacons, and these beacons change the areas of the map. For example, Neo Tilted became Tilted Town with cowboys, etc. However, with these rift beacons, Fortnite also managed to change several parts of the map with interesting collaborations. For example, prior to the release of Borderlands 3, we have seen a zone dedicated to look like the Borderlands map. Of course, this was also a change in the favor of Epic Store because Borderlands 3 is an Epic Store Exclusive Game.

This time around, we will be seeing a crossover event with Batman. Most probably Tilted Town will become Gotham City according to a leak from @HYPEX. This is amazing considering that Batman is one of the biggest superheroes of all time. Let us look at the changes such as the Bat-Signal.

As you can see it does look very interesting. Especially for Batman fans. Let us see how will the Tilted Twon look like when this change comes and hopefully there are zone-specific rules again.

We can’t wait much longer for the next event and hopefully, it will be rolled out soon.

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