TimTheTatman Frustrated With His Viewers

timthetatman raging at his viewers to stop chat spam

Popular Fortnite streamer TimTheTatman explains why he is annoyed by his viewers telling him with whom to play with

Being told what to do is something any streamer detests most. When certain annoying people behind a computer not only become fans, but stalkers. This is what happened to TimTheTatman, popular Fortnite streamer, during one of his live streams.

Usually, when a streamer is playing and something major happens, the chat will begin to spam. For those who don’t know, the term is used referencing comments that combine chains of single words or emotes. Spam can also include pushing or inviting viewers to visit their profiles or website. Finally, copying and pasting the same phrase or question multiple times to try and get the streamer attention.

I hate it! “

TimTheTantman made it very clear how he dislikes how his chat spams to get him to play with other streamers. This is easier said then done, due to the fact that most of the time Time pairs up with high profile streamers like, Ninja, DrLupo, Cloak, Trevor… His fans immediately begin to request a duo or squad pairing and it clearly annoys Tim.  

“Please, let me figure out when and who…”

With over 3 million followers, with an average audience well over 30,000 per live stream, TimTheTatman does the best he can with chat damage control. His wild and upbeat personality is what his fans love as he quickly poked fun at it, demonstrating how his chat spams for his attention.

Chat Reacts

After Tim’s preaching to his viewers, his chat filled out with mostly immature comments as they continued to spam messages like: “TIM NINJA AND LUPO WANT TO PLAY  or TIMS TRIGGERED TODAY LMAO.” 

One viewer mentions how Tim always says how things piss him off and to stop complaining:


In conclusion, Tim is one of the most likable Fortnite streamers on Twitch. Every streamer has a right to express how he feels about his channel and Tim did just that. It will be interesting to see if his viewers will simmer down the requests now that he has voiced his opinion on the subject.

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