Top 5 Fortnite Account to Buy With Rare Skins

Top 5 Fortnite account with battle pass and new Raven skin+glider and much more

Every game wants to have a competitive edge. No matter what game you’re playing. However, specifically with Fortnite Battle Royale, it has one of the most competitive gamer bases around. With that, gamers are looking to get an edge. Here are the Top 5 Fortnite Account to Buy With Rare Skins.

Top 5 Fortnite Account

Fortnite has become the most popular multiplayer game to date, and the frenzy continues with more gamers getting into the craze.

One of the most sought out things in the game are the “skins“.

So what is a skin? A gaming skin is a graphic change to the appearance of the user’s game character. So for example, a games character(s) come with a outfit template. Every gamer who plays the game using the same character will all have the same exact look. Gamers who either buy or win skins can alter their character’s outfit, add articles of clothing to change the appearance of the character in order to give a unique look.

Skins have become incredibly popular as everyone who plays online want to have a “signature” look, an appearance that is different from other gamers. It has even come to a point where gamers want to build their own brand with their own specific skin.

Coming back to Fortnite, some skins are incredibly hard to get and expensive to purchase. Some are very limited and not available anymore. If you do a quick search online, you’ll be able to find different rare skins/accounts for sale. Here are the Top 5 Fortnite Accounts to Buy with Rare Skins:

#5: Fortnite [Xbox] [Mobile] Account with Skull trooper, Raiders Revenge
Price = $620
MUST READ: I am only selling the EPIC games Account, that includes my skins and wins. We will set up and transfer my skins to your XBOX or MOBILE account. It is just a little different than giving you my personal XBOX account. After auction we will set up a time to make the transfer.

In this Fortnite pack, you will be receiving:

     Skins- Black Knight                      Harvesting Tools
                Crackshot.                           AC/DC
                Cuddle Team Leader           Chomp Jr.
                Dark Voyager.                      EVA
                Havoc.                                 Pink Flamingo
                Raptor.                                Raiders Revenge
                Raven.                                Rainbow Smash
                Red knight.                         Trusty No. 2
                Rex.                                    Axecalibur
                Reaper.                               Cliffhanger
                Alpine Ace (USA and GBR) Instigator
                Elite Agent.                          Pulse Axe
                Merry Marauder.                  Reaper
                Mission Specialist.              Sawtooth
                Rabbit Raider.               Emotes:
                Rust Lord.                       Electro Shuffle
                Skull Trooper.                  Fresh
                Sparkle Specialist.          Robot
                Sub Commander.            Best Mates
                Blue Squire.                    Dab
                Brite Bomber.                  Flippin Sexy
                Desperado.                     Floss
                Recon Specialist.            Take the L
                Red Nosed Raider.         Ride the Pony
                Royal Knight.                  Wiggle
                Yuletide Ranger.             Finger Guns
                                                       Slow Clap
#4 Fortnite Account Rare Skins!!! Skull Trooper, Ghoul Trooper, And Renegade Raider
Price = $540

This is an Xbox account not epic games. Message me for more details!!!! This is number four on the Top 5 Fortnite Account.


#3 Fortnite Account | Skull Trooper | Rare Skins | Maxed Battle Passes | 4 K/D
Price = $510

You are bidding on a Fortnite account containing Skull Trooper Skin, Mako Glider, Dark Night skin, and much more. This account has just about 200 wins, as well as a 4.0 k/d.

Questions.. just ask. Thanks for looking and good luck! This is for an Xbox One Account. It’s number three on the Top 5 Fortnite Account.

#2 Fortnite Epic Account with Ghoul Trooper skin & Mako / The Umbrella Glider

Price = $400

I’m selling my epic account that includes the Ghoul Trooper skin and The Umbrella glider which you can only get from winning a game in season one. Ultra Rare Items! Also has the ultra rare Mako glider. This account has a few other goodies also ask any questions if needed. Season 3 battle pass was bought but not completed. Currently on tier 33 with 7 days remaining if you want to add the john wick skin to this account. The account also has 950 vbucks ready to spend. Don’t miss out on a chance to have one of the rarest skins in the game with rare gliders. This is number 2 on the Top 5 Fortnite Account.

#1 Fortnite account with battle pass and new Raven skin+glider

Price = $5000

Fortnite account with twitch prime skins and battle pass, also included is the rocket rodeo emote and much more you can check in the pictures. Contact me for any questions.
Comes with original email and password and username.

Update: there is about 250 v bucks in the account and I just purchased the new Raven skin and glider for it (check pictures).

Update 4/21: I have received the dark Voyager and backpack due to battle pass and I will be posting the pictures and more info about the account account including wins and vbucks, if you want to see proof of skins and emotes add me and we can play a game or I can show you in lobby.  We’ll update the Top 5 Fortnite Account to buy.

Good luck!

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