Vending Machine Locations Fortnite Season 8

Vending Machine Locations Fortnite Season 8

Over 60 Free Vending Machine map locations for Fortnite Season 8.

Vending machines were introduced in Season 3, with its first major change happening with update v8.10. Season 8 week 8 challenge has players needing to visit vending machines. Here is a cheat sheet, with all season 8 vending machine locations to help you complete the challenge faster.

At first release, players could find 38 vending machines scattered across the season 3 map. It is important to keep track of their new Season 8 locations as the new vending machines can only be used once. Season 8 now bolsters over 60 new vending machine locations spread across the new map. Although most of the locations have not changed, having a visual of their location is a critical factor to a player’s success. Knowing exactly where to look at the right time helps players when they need it most.

Fortnite Season 8 Vending Machine Locations

At first glance, it’s clearly visual that the new portion of the map, north east, contains very little vending machines, compared to the image below from Season 3. It’s evident that with any season map change, players tend to drop and explore the new locations more frequently. However, the north east side of the map has never been a popular destination. Players, drop, loot, harvest and leave. The lack of vending machines makes perfect sense. Current Vending Machine Locations

Use Vending Machines In Different Locations Challenge

There are many small brick temples located in the woods between lonely lodge and Sunny Steps. A single vending machine can be found in between both location as Sunny does not include any directly on its premise.

Using Vending Machines with a partner

Also to consider, for players who are not aware, when playing duos, both players can be rewarded an item. Just synchronize your action at the same time and two items will spit out before the machine explodes. Here is a video example:


Vending Machines Current Status.

The new v8.10 vending machine update is the first change to them since patch 5.20, when machine rebalancing took place. Material cost is now removed, however vending machines are destroyed after claiming your item. Good time to start memorizing their locations.


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