Where Is The Tiny Rubber Ducky Location At Summertime Splashdown?

Where Is The Tiny Rubber Ducky Location At Summertime Splashdown

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer released a new challenge today to find a tiny rubber ducky. Here we show you where the Fortnite ducky is located.

New Days of Summer Daily Challenge

With Fortnite Season 9 heading towards the end of its life cycle, Epic Games is trying to make it count by introducing daily challenges to it’s user base. So far, Epic Game’s 14 days of summer has been a success. We’ve seen many challenges including some of them below:

  1. All Fortnite Beach Parties Locations
  2. Fortnite Giant Beach Umbrella Bounce Challenge
  3. All Fortnite Solar Array Locations In The Snow, Desert and Jungle
  4. All Fortnite Fireworks Locations Along River Bank

There are plenty more challenges that Epic Games has released, and they continue to do so until the end of the days of summer event. Today, players will have to “Search the Tiny Rubber Ducky at the Spot Hidden in the Summertime Splashdown Loading Screen“. Let’s take a closer look at how to accomplish this task below.

Where Is The Tiny Rubber Ducky Location At Summertime Splashdown?

There is one Tiny Rubber Ducky on the Fortnite map, and you’ll need to visit the bottom right part of the Fortnite map (South East). The location of the tiny rubber ducky is south of Paradise Palms. Since there is one location of the tiny rubber ducky, it will be hard to get to it before the other players on the map without getting eliminated. If you’re good at gliding, you shouldn’t have any issues getting to the tiny rubber ducky before getting shot at. Once you drop South of Paradise palms, you’ll see a tiny bathtub. Inside the bathtub is where you’ll find the tiny rubber ducky.

Here is the location for the Tiny Rubber Ducky:

Small Rubber Ducky Location Challenge Days of Summer Fortnite
Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at the video showing where the tiny rubber ducky is located:

Tiny Rubber Ducky Coordinates
  1. Far South East of the map, under Paradise Palms located at coordinates I-10
Other Season 9 Challenges

Fortnite has other on-going challenges that are not related to the 14 days of summer event. There are the All Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte Locations and All Fortnite Season 9 Secret Battle Star And Banner Locations challenges that players are continuing to try and complete on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, the Secret Banner challenge has concluded, as all 6 Secret Banners were unveiled and now players can try to finish all the tasks in one sitting. Additionally, the Fortbyte challenge is still ongoing. There are 100 Bytes to be found throughout Season 9, and every day Epic Games releases some information about the whereabouts of the bytes.

Currently, there have been 62 bytes found on the battle royale map. We have 38 more bytes to go until players can find all 100. It’s smart what Epic Games have done. To keep players engaged, they have setup two main challenges mentioned above. Additionally, since Apex Legends Season 2 was coming out, Epic Games wanted to keep their user base by introducing the 14 days of summer event, knowing that players would flock back to Apex Legends. Has it worked? So far it seems like it has. Only time will tell.

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