Where To Dance Inside A Fortnite Monster Skeleton Challenge

Where To Dance Inside A Fortnite Monster Skeleton Challenge

Here is where to dance inside the giant monster skeleton for Fortnite. The location is at the center of the map in order to complete the overtime challenge.

Dance Inside A Fortnite Monster Skeleton Challenge Locations

Epic Games is hosting their biggest esports even today which is the Fortnite World Cup. Despite this major tournament, Epic isn’t slowing down with it’s core updates and challenges. The next challenge is the “Dance Inside a Monster Skeleton” Fortnite overtime challenge. It consists of visiting the Cattus vs. Doggus battleground. For those who might have missed the entire event, Fortnite was building up a giant monster vs robot battle lading up to the end of Season 9. This event was supposed to pave the way for Season 10. *Spoiler* At the end of the event, the giant Fortnite robot beat the monster by swinging a giant sword and thrusting it in the monsters head. Now, the monster’s body is all gone, with only his bones left.

Where is the Giant Monster Skeleton in Fortnite?

The giant monster skeleton is located at the very center of the Fortnite map. The exact coordinates is E-6. The best way to complete the monster skeleton dance challenge is to glide towards the center of the map and land on top of the sword handle that the robot used to kill the monster. Be careful as many players will be gliding to that area on the map to find the giant sword, or perhaps land on the monster bones. It’s hard to miss the skeleton body from the battle bus dive, and the challenge is rather easy to complete.

After landing on the giant skeleton head, you need to perform a dance in order to complete the challenge. Make sure you dance on the swod by the monster skeleton to beat the overtime.


Here is how you can complete the overtime challenge by dancing inside the monster skeleton and sword:

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

July 25th marked Fortnite’s 2nd birthday, and they also had a challenge for that event. It was the birthday party challenge where players needed to find giant birthday cakes around the map. After complete a variety of tasks, players would be rewarded a bunch of exclusive party items that could only be obtained for the challenge. If you haven’t completed the birthday party challenge you still have until July 31st to do so.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup is starting today, and players all over the world spend months competing for this tournament. Today is the creative pro-am tournament. Tomorrow is the duo’s challenge and Championship Sunday is the solo event. Additionally, Epic Games will be hosting the entire esports event on their YouTube and Twitch channels. Good Luck to all competing and enjoy the Fortnite monster skeleton challenge!

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