Where’s The Metal From The Robot Factory [Fortnite Harvest Challenge]

Where's The Metal From The Robot Factory [Fortnite Harvest Challenge]
Epic Games

Collect Metal from a Robot Factory in Fortnite. There is one location on the Fortnite map to harvest metal. Find the location below.

Collect Metal From a Robot Factory

Fortnite Season 10 is approaching, and there are already Season 10 theories surfacing, which include a giant Robot. Earlier yesterday, Epic Games updated the Fortnite map to include a large robot at Pressure Plant. Are the new daily challenges geared towards the new Fortnite season? No way to know, but there are definitely challenges that are sending a message. Today’s challenge is to collect metal from a Robot Factory in Fortnite. It consists of harvesting 100 metal from the one location on the map, Pressure Plant. When you glide there you’ll see a large Robot. That’s a good indication you’re heading in the right direction.

Where are the Metals In Fortnite?

There are metals across the Fortnite map, but specifically for this challenge, you’ll need to glide all the way to Pressure Plant. Everyone will be gliding there since the challenge is only for one location, so you’ll need to be careful while going for the collect metal from a robot factory challenge. There are only 100 metal pieces you need to harvest, and although this challenge is not particularly hard like other ones we’ve seen this month, because there’s only one location it will prove to be difficult in one-way shape or form. The challenge doesn’t require Fortnite players to use any special harvesting tool, emotes, dances or spray paints. Just find metal parts from the Robot Factory and collect 100.

How To Harvest Metal from Robot Factory in Fortnite
Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all metal parts location:

Location of Fortnite Metals:
  • The Metal is located at Pressure Plant with coordinates H-3

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