Will Fortnite Get A New Map?

Will Fortnite Get A New Map
  • With Fortnite Season X wrapping up, players are already talking about a potential new map. Ever since Apex Legends introduced a new map in Season 3, players are hoping Epic will follow suit.

Fortnite Season 10 is ending soon and players are getting ready for Season 11. This season is going to be much more interesting than the previous ones because according to the leaks there is the possibility of a new map. This possibility is much higher than before. Fortnite is one of those games where it did get criticized for not having a new map. The Epic Games developers chose to update the current map as much as possible, but they did not choose to create an entirely new map.

Of course, this started to create a rift between the players and the developers. Because players want new places, new tactics and new zones to play. Even Apex Legends after only two seasons has a new map which is not a rework but a completely new map that is bigger and it plays marvelously. But Fortnite did not pursue a new map for 10 seasons now. The game is definitely losing a little bit of popularity and Epic Games needs to change the tables for their flagship game. We are expecting a big event this week; The End event is coming as we say. However, as players are expecting a new map. There is also a possibility of no new map. But every day the possibility of a new map is increasing with leaks.

Momentum Shift?

We believe that this new map can pull a little bit of the support that the game has lost in the last few months. Of course, Epic Games is still trying its best to keep the game updated as much as possible. But at the end of the day players look at the map and they say they want to play in a new environment. They want to play in a new place. No matter how many new guns you put into the game, it does not make the same effect as a new map. The new map is like playing a new game all over again.

This is also going to affect most probably pro players because if the new map is released this Sunday, we will definitely see the new map for the future Fortnite tournaments. Most notably the Fortnite World Cup. But this is definitely going to change the pro scene a little bit. Players learn the map with muscle memory. Pro players know where to go how to loot how fast they can loot. But if the map changes this will be challenging for some of them. 

There is also the possibility of the map being bad. However, regardless of this Epic Games need a new approach to Fortnite for sure.

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