XQcOW Wins First Fortnite Game After Nearly 400 Attempts, “My Heart’s Racing”

XQcOW Wins First Fortnite Game

XQcOW has been on a mission, to improve and finally get a Fortnite win, closing in on 400 games, XQcOW wins back to back Fortnite matches for the first time and his reactions are priceless.

XQcOW Wins First Fortnite Game After Nearly 400 Attempts, “My Heart’s Racing”

If you frequent Fortnite on Twitch, then you have surely noticed a new name at the top of the most viewed Fortnite list. Upon his return from TwitchCon EU, Controversial ex Overwatch pro, Felix “xQc” Lengyel is now streaming Fortnite on a daily basis. The last time he streamed Fortnite was back in July 2018. Although he is ways away from being a major pro contender, xQC is bringing hilarious entertainment back to Fortnite.

Just like how old Ninja was back in the day, xQC is very outspoken who thrives on trash talk, and of course, doing whatever it takes to win. With the addition of Fortnite Arena Mode, wins don’t come easy once you hit Division 7. On top of it, xQC is constantly flooded with stream snipers, making it very difficult to run deep into games. However, none of it stops xQC super aggressive playing style and hilarious commentary.

xQCOW From overwatch to Fortnite
xQC representing team Canada at OW Worlcup 17

On April 22nd, after almost 400 games, xQc finally got his first win and goes nuts. He then secures his second win going back-to-back. His game is definitely improving but that’s not why fans love to watch him. His personality is what separates him from the rest. Here is a look at his epic reactions after both wins.

XQc  Fortnite Arena Mode Win number 1

Win number 2, “My Heart is Racing”

Fresh off his first win, xQc goes back-to-back, while sipping his coke and checking his pulse, bringing the term “sweat” to a whole different level.

What’s next for xQCOW?

It seems like Fortnite is working for him extremely well. Since starting to stream Fortnite content, his Twitch channel is seeing healthy growth. His average viewers and new followers continues to climb. Although popular before Fortnite, XQc’s upbeat and wild personality seems to be winning over Fortnite fans.

xQC Fortninte Twitch Channel Stats
Source: sullygnome.com

Who knows, maybe we will be seeing an official change from xQcOW to xQCFN in the near future. But for right now, he is making Fortnite fun to watch and it’s nice to see him get his much deserved first wins.

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