The Zapper Trap Is Coming To Fortnite

The Zapper Trap Is Back In Fortnite
  • Fortnite is getting another trap. Zapper trap incoming, which is a throwback from the first trap in the game called the Ceiling Zapper.

The Zapper Trap

Almost everyone knows that Fortnite Battle Royale is a building game. With that comes many innovative ways to build, and also eliminate while building. We all remember that scene where we got eliminated by a trap for the first time. Traps, in the beginning, was not used inside of buildings to prevent people. They were placed in strategic places such as building entrances. However, as players started to play the game better they have uncovered new ways to use traps. Nowadays it is impossible to get through a game without using them and this has a simple reason for it. They are extremely valuable. You can simply win matches by a good trap placement.

Fortnite Battle Royale had more traps in the beginning but after a few seasons, only one was left. Last season we have seen to poison dart traps coming back but it did not produce good results with the players. It was slow and kind of hard to pick over spikes. Therefore they were removed and vaulted. However, with the next patch of v10.20, Fortnite is getting a new trap called Zapper Trap.

Fornite used to have more traps as we have said before. The new trap Zapper is a throwback to the first trap in the game called Ceiling Zapper. It was an intense trap because players needed to be extremely careful with that one as it was only placed on the ceilings and it was extremely easy to miss one. Here’s a clip of the zapper trap in action:

However, will it be extremely powerful like before? We will see but the ceiling zapper was a one-hit trap before. You can see this old trap in the first season trailer of the Fortnite. We do hope that it is not limited to only ceilings like before. Because this will be limiting the potential of the trap.

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