Game Boy Demo Boy II Brand New, Super Copa and More

Have you ever wondered what are the rarest Super Super Nintendo titles? Well a good site to see this would be at Rarity Guide, a site most of you are probably familiar with but for those who aren’t it’s not bad to compare and contrast the information over there. Does the site tell you the whole story? Not really, so most of the time you need to do your own research for specific titles. Some collectors can even argue the positioning of certain games but in the end the site’s algorithms are based on rarity and not popularity/desirability. Now why would I bring up that site?

Well, here’s another question for you. Whats the second rarest Super Nintendo title(according to RarityGuide)?……… Super Copa! Yup….a soccer game. Funny how that works huh? I absolutely love soccer and wouldn’t mind getting this game but at the price it will go for I doubt I’ll ever see myself holding one. RarityGuide gives this game 97% rarity with a $760 price tag if it is complete in box(CIB). If it’s sealed this game would fetch around $1800+. This game is second on the rarity list beating it’s competition such as the Star Fox Super Weekend Competition Cart, and Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart. But like I said, it’s not about popularity or desirability, it’s about exclusivity in which this game was only released in Mexico. This game was not sold in the US or Canada thus making the game harder to acquire.

Wiki says that Super Copa is a Latin America version of Tony Meola’s Sidekick Soccer for the North American release. Tony Meola you say? Common man, he was the keeper for the US in World Cup 94! Hello people! 🙂 I rented the game when I was younger and it wasn’t too bad, only certain soccer(football) titles made the cut on my list which Super Soccer will always be number 1 in my books. The cool thing about this game for it’s time(released in 1991), is that you were able to play as club teams from US and Mexico, an idea that wasn’t as popular with other soccer game releases.

Well, with all that said, I placed a bid already on the Super Copa CIB auction here and got turned down 🙁 . Maybe I’ll try for the other auction that has the game and box, but no manual. It might go cheaper. If you want to check it out, click here for other Super Copa auction.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Game Boy Demo Boy II – The seller didn’t write any information about this unit. This is a dev kit that allows your Game Boy game to be displayed on your Television as seen with Gamecube’s Game Boy Player, only without the border on the screen. In order to use this Demo Boy II, you will need a special Game Boy unit to correspond with this DB II. So it’s useless to get this if you don’t have the matching Game Boy unit, but for the time being the price is only $0.99 so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for this and keep it as a collectors item.

Super Mario World Nintendo Sign – we’ve seen plenty of these surface on eBay and this one’s in excellent shape, no rips or cracks which is why the price is high. Ends today!

International Super Star Soccer Deluxe – The seller of the Super Copa game has this exclusive Mexican release. Although it’s not on the top of the charts for rarity, it’s still uncommon. This is a cheap auction but there are others on eBay selling with the box for $70 so your best bet would be to start here.

3M Scotchlaser Videodisc NES/DMG Game Play Disc – Seller also had this up, thought some of you might find it interesting.

Contra Force with Reproduction Box – Although it’s missing the instructions manual, you can find a mint manual here and try to bargain with the seller(“who buys a $40 manual!!!” Tell the seller that 🙂 ). The box was also reproduced so it’s not the original. Auction ends today!!

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Game Boy Demo Boy II Brand New, Super Copa and More

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