How Does Agents Abilities Work in Valorant?

How Does Agents Abilities Work in Valorant
  • Valorant is coming this summer but how do the agent’s abilities work? Here we take a look into Phoenix and his curveball.

Riot Games is bringing a unique look to the FPS genre. When we take a look at the current market we can see that BR’s are losing their touch and 5v5 game does are making a comeback. We can see this in the numbers, after years of being in the first place, last month PUBG lost its place to CS: GO. Of course, Steam numbers do not explain the whole story but it explains that the BR is losing some players. Valorant from Riot Games come in here. The game is a 5v5 game with a very interesting and unique gameplay. This game combines several things from other games. When we first take a look we realized that agents have Overwatch like abilities but apparently this is not entirely true, let us check them out.

First of all, every agent has the same health, unlike other hero shooter games, this is done to ensure an even playing field. Their hitboxes are similar so there are no problems there. The difference between Overwatch and Valorant is the agent’s abilities and what they can do. For example, Phoenix. Phoenix is an agent with abilities such as blocking the enemy view, which is not so different than throwing smoke at Counter-Strike, but very different from Overwatch abilities. Also, Phoenix’s “Curveball” ability is used for stunning the target. This is also very similar to Counter-Strike. This means that Valorant is going for a much simpler but more competitive route.

The abilities of the agents are different from each other as expected. But of course, not every agent is like Phoenix. For example, Omen can teleport over short distances. It appears that Valorant developers Riot Games is trying to find the sweet spot between competitive and fun. We all know Valorant is being developed to be an esports game and that is certain. Riot Games has a lot of experience in this field so hopefully, they can deliver it.

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