All Mortal Kombat 11 New Character Fatalities

All New Mortal Kombat 11 Character Fatalities

New MK11 characters, Cetrion, Kitana, Kollector and Geras fatalities take center stage as some of the most gruesome ever added to the Mortal Kombat series.

With every Mortal Kombat release, new fatalities are what most gaming fans impatiently wait to see. MK11 introduces 4 new characters to its roster with Cetrion, Geras, Kollector and Kitana, who finally makes her return as a roster character.

Simply put, their fatalities are plain nasty. From Cetrion’s Earth Fire, to Geras’s gruesome phasing through time punch, game developer NetherRealm Studios seems to have nailed the new MK11 character fatalities. Lets take a look at each new MK1 roster addition and a video showing each fatality.

New Mortal Kombat 11 character fatalities

Let’s start the from worst to first. Some are more creative, then they are gruesome, with all having a special trait to its character’s abilities.

4) Kitana

Kitana MK11 Fatality

Finally making her return in MK11, Kitana’s fatality is highlighted by her Steel Fans with a special added kick to it. Gore level: 4/10

Video Of Katana Fatality:

3) Kollector

Kollector MK11 Fatality

He will do anything it takes to keep his prize possessions, Kollector’s fatality is simple. An old fashioned beatdown while making sure he collects a new prize to add to his collection. Gore Level: 5/10

Video Of Kollector Fatality:

2) Cetrion

Cetrion MK11 Fatality

One of the oldest characters in MK11, the Elder Goddess literally takes her fatality out of this world. Already consider an OP MK11 roster addition, her finisher may not be break the gore charts but it surely one of the most creative and well thought of. Gore Level: 5/10

Video Of Cetrion Fatality:

1) Geras

Geras MK11 Fatality

Deemed a powerful and loyal servant of Kronika, Geras wields the power to manipulate time. His phasing through time fatality packs a serious punch that leaves his enemies brainless. Gore level: 9/10

Video Of Geras Fatality:

As MK11 evolves, Game Life will be updating new fatalities and highlights keeping track of the most gruesome and original Fatalities of MK11.

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