Artifact’s Twitch Section Was Spammed With Movies And Pornographic Content

Artifact Twitch Section Is Overwhelmed By Movies And Pornographic Content
Source: Twitch

One of the most promising card games, Artifact, terribly failed to meet expectations. Its bad position manifested itself in Twitch. Just recently, the Artifact Twitch section was full of movies and pornographic content. Twitch failed to notice what was going on before it was too late.

The Terrible Situation of Artifact

Although Artifact was a quite promising game when it was announced and published, it ended in failure. It the beginning, it had a decent number of players on a daily basis. According to steamdb, this game was bought over one million times. Its rough estimation says that a number of sold copies goes up to two million, which is quite unlikely. Moreover, the number of unique players is quite low.

What Happened to Artifact?

Apparently, when the game saw the light of day, it had the most active players. That number started going down with tremendous speed. As we can see on steamcharts this game barely had approx 100-200 players on a daily basis in the last two months. Hence, it’s one of the least popular video card games.

Although game developers said they are going to fix the game, the current situation is more comical than tragic, considering what we can see in the Artifact Twitch section; which is overwhelmed by movies and pornography content.

The reasons behind the Artifact failure are many. Some experts say it’s too unbalanced, or too complex, whereas others say that gaming community treated this game unfairly. They say that Artifact is not that bad, but simply not many people enjoy its complexity and features.

Artifact Twitch Section is More Active Than the Game Itself

Surprisingly, the Artifact Twitch section saw more people than Artifact itself. And here is the explanation of how it is possible. In the last week, this section was about everything but Artifact. The Artifact Twitch section is full of movies, sports events, shows, animes, and even pornographic content.

This problem occurred much earlier but Twitch didn’t react to it until popular streamers started talking about it publicly. All this happened recently, and Twitch decided to do something about it. So, they decided to forbid all new users to stream. Although it stops new trolls from streaming on the least popular Twitch section, the problem is still there. But, there is definitely significantly fewer streams of this kind these days. This kind of scandal did have an impact on Twitch as inappropriate content found its place on the most popular gaming stream platform.

Perhaps after this incident Twitch will have protocols in place in order for this not to happen again.

Porn on Twitch in Artifact Game Section

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