Bungie Fixes A Lot Of Major Issues In The Latest Update Of Destiny 2

Bungie Fixes A Lot Of Major Issues In The Latest Update Of Destiny 2

In the latest Update, Bungie has made the grind to get power levels after 950 considerably easier and they also fixed Izanagi’s Burden quest.

Bungie just made the grinding in Destiny 2: New Light considerably easier than before. In the latest update, Bungie did some really impactful changes to the game. It introduced a lot of key fixes and loot solutions. The Pinnacle gear drops have been amended to be obtainable much more quickly. These gears are obtainable from the most challenging activities in Destiny 2. Previously, the power score from the soft cap 950 would only increase by a single point each time you obtained a Pinnacle gear, making it a tough and big grind to reach the hard cap of 960 in Destiny 2. It was designed to be difficult, but Bungie saw the grind being extremely time-taking and arduous, so they decided to amend the current scenario.

Now, Pinnacle drops give 2 power points above the power level of the gear you have equipped in the different slots. This makes the grind to attain the hard cap slightly easier. If you have you Iron Banners Bounties in stock, then they are actually more beneficial today than they were yesterday.

The update also manages to finally fix the bug, which was stopping from obtaining arguably one of the strongest weapons in the game “Izanagi’s Burden.” The bug prohibited progress in the quest, but now you can make progress and attain the weapon. This weapon’s quest came from the Black Armory expansion last year. If you haven’t yet started working upon the gun, it would be suggested that you start now; it is the best sniper in Destiny 2.

Update Patch Notes


Izanagi’s Burden

  • Fixed an issue causing Forge Keys to not count towards Mysterious Box (Izanagi’s Burden) Quest Progression
  • Players affected by this should find the corresponding objective marked correctly after logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Obsidian Crystal would not give Quest Progression
  • Players affected by this will need to reacquire a Black Armory Rare bounty, and then complete and claim it to get another Obsidian Crystal.

Power Progression

  • Adjusted the Power granted by pinnacle rewards to +2 instead of +1
  • Rewards
  • The Season Pass weapons Pluperfect and Temporal Clause now have a chance to drop from Vex Offensive after you have obtained them.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the Weekly Eris Challenge to not drop a Powerful reward


  • Perks
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Ashes to Assets” perk to provide Super energy at an unintended level.
  • That’s all related to the latest update of Destiny 2.

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