Counter Logic Gaming Sweepstakes Lets You Tour the CLG Performance Center

Counter Logic Gaming Sweepstakes Lets You Join CLG on Tour

Counter Logic Gaming Sweepstakes Lets You Tour the CLG Performance Center.

Have you ever wondered what its like to train at an eSports organization complex? What does the schedule look like? What training do the pros go through to be in tip top shape? Well the Counter Logic Gaming Sweepstakes will help you do just that.

MVMT x CLG Performance Center Sweepstakes

Earlier today Counter Logic Gaming announced on their Twitter page that they will be holding a sweepstakes and putting one lucky VIP and a friend on a flight to come tour at the CLG Performance Center. CLG will also send you back home with a pair of MVMT watches and jerseys.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone big CLG fans out there, or anyone who are deep in eSports to get a glimpse of how the pro gamers train.

Earlier this year Counter Logic Gaming unveiled their new “Performance Center”.

The new Performance Center facility provides an LCS training room that replicates the LoL Championship series stage. This isn’t just for League of Legends training. the Performance Center also has practice rooms for Counter Logic Gaming’s other esports teams.

The facility also houses a studio for video productions as well as a kitchen (because people need to eat). The Performance Center has been a model to providing state of the art training space for pro players and we hope that more organizations follow suit.

What this means for you in that you’ll be able to experience state of the art technology and training that most teams don’t have the luxury to experience at this moment.

Here’s a clip of the CLG Performance Center and what you can loom forward to:

This is honestly a once in a life time experience, which begs the question;

“How does one enter the CLG sweepstakes?

How to Enter

It’s a fairly simple process which has been seen in the crypto space for airdrops. You need to fulfill a number of requirements in order to activate your spot in the sweepstakes.

Step 1: Go here

Step 2: Go to the bottom part of the page where it says “8 Ways to Enter”

Last Step 3: Choose one of the 8 Ways to Enter and complete the task.

Prett straight forward.


MVMT x CLG Performance Center Sweepstakes

The way the entries work is that every task gives you a certain amount of entries. Depending on the task you can get one entry, or up to three.

Retweet @clgaming on Twitter gives you 3 entries, as well as checking out the main sponsors webpage: MVMT watches. It’s unclear if you need to make a purchase or not, but you get an additional 15% off from the store.

Every other task gives you one entry, but the task takes literally 0.1 seconds. You’ll just need to “follow” or “visit” one of Counter Logic Gaming’s social accounts.

There’s currently 2381 entries with 4 days left. Last day to enter is Nov.30th. Show some love and go enter the CLG sweepstakes!

Good luck!

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