Crusader Kings 3 Will be Much More User Friendly

Crusader Kings 3 Will be Much More User Friendly

Crusader Kings 3 is in the works and developers announced that the game will be much more user-friendly.

Paradox Interactive is not the inventor of the grand strategy games, but they are the number one company that comes to mind. We all loved playing Crusader Kings series, Europa Universalis and more. However, their most recent game Imperator: Rome did not meet with success. The game was very much dumbed down and most of the mechanics did not have depth and made the gameplay nearly unplayable.

However, there is another game in development for quite some time now. Crusader Kings 3 was one of the most expected games for a long time. We just hope that it will not be like Imperator: Rome.

Developers announced in a recent blog post that they are trying to make the game extremely user friendly. This will change the game because we all know the depth of Paradox games. Their games are generally one of the most complex games out there. There are thousands of choices and it can be quite daunting for the new gamers. Paradox Interactive also has a tendency to release a lot of DLC’s which changes the game a lot.

Each DLC is like another game if you play the basic version and buy all the DLC’s there will be a lot of different things. Developers are trying to solve this confusion with a more friendly gameplay experience.

Crusader Kings 3 will have a full tutorial experience for the players. Which is new and will make it much simpler for the players to learn the game. Especially Crusader Kings series are known for their complex political atmosphere between hundreds of characters.

This makes the game unique and also makes it hard to understand. But there is also fear among the fans of the series. Simply because of Imperator: Rome. Paradox is still trying to revive the game, but it is very hard because the release backlash was substantial and destroyed the credibility of the game. We hope that this time they will go back to their roots.

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