Detailed Steps To Get The Latest Exotic In Destiny 2 Xenophage

Detailed Steps To Get The Latest Exotic In Destiny 2 Xenophage

A new exotic weapon has been added to Destiny 2. Xenophage packs a punch and can be acquired with a little grind with your fireteam.

The Journey is the new exotic weapon quest in Destiny 2. This quest has been put in the game with the Festival of the Lost update. The quest completion will grant players the latest exotic machine gun introduced to the game “Xenophage.”

It’s the second exotic machine gun in Destiny 2. Xenophage offers a unique and powerful set of perks.

  • Pyrotoxin Rounds: Fires high-powered explosive ammunition.
  • Rangefinder: Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification. Increased projectile velocity while aiming Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers.

These are the steps to get Xenophage:

Step 1: Embrace the Light

To trigger the first pat, you need to travel to the moon and enter the portal next to Eris Morn. The room where Erin usually sits after completing a memory, you will find four statues. You can interact with each of the statues and interacting with them will light up on of the other four statues in the room.

The objective is to light all four at once. Interact with the statues in the order below to complete the objective. From the perspective of entering the room, interact with the front right statue first, then back left, front left and finally the fourth one. Upon interacting with the final one, a chest will appear and will grant you with the quest “The Journey.”

Step 2: Lighting the way

Head to the Anchor of Light on Moon and proceed towards the large tower on the left side. You will find a fire that will give you a buff upon entering the small building under the tower towards the left.

The buff will enable you to run around Anchor of Light and interact with six lecterns in a specific order. Failing to interact with lecterns in the correct order will make you lose the buff, and you will have to start over.

Step 3: Solve the Lost Sector puzzles

After you are done with the previous step, you will be given another set of cryptic clues. The clues actually mean that you need to complete all four lost sectors on the Moon. The only twist is that you have to complete puzzles that will be found on the walls in each lost sector past the final chest.

These puzzles are a tad bit complicated. The concept revolves around rotating tiles. You have to shoot tiles placed in a 3×3 grid until you match the symbol displayed above the puzzle. Here is the guide to the puzzles:

The solution below is shown in a manner such as 9 tiles is similar to the number pad on a standard keyboard.

K1 Communion: 1, 3, 8, 8

K1 Revelation: 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 8, 2, 5

K1 Logistics: 7, 1, 6, 5

K1 Crew: 9, 4, 5, 2, 3, 3, 2

Complete the puzzle to unlock the next step.

Step 4: Journey to the Depths

You will have a full map after the previous step. Now you will need to complete the first phase of Pit of Heresy. After this section, you will be given a wall of doors. Jump inside the one that doesn’t have a rune hanging on it. After you are inside you will have to interact with another rune and progress to the next step.

Step 5: Light more torches

In this step, there will be a series of Hive runes on the floor at a cliff at the place where you dropped down. Interacting with the runes will enable a series of platforms in the chasm in front of you.

Cross the platforms and acquire the fire. Return with the fire and use it on the right side. This can be a bit difficult due to the interfering ogres. Your goal is to locate a door with two lecterns and light them, as you did in step 2. After lighting them, a door will open, taking you to the final step.

Step 6: Defeat the Hive Witch

In the last phase, everyone on your fireteam will be given an inactive buff. Thunderous representing arc, fiery representing solar, Abyssal representing void and the last one neutral. You need to grab an orb of light from the object placed in the middle of the arena and place it in the corresponding node based on your inactive buff. All four buff nodes are spread throughout the arena, with two being on the upper level and two being on the lower level. It’s easy to spot that as they will each have their separate symbol. Placing the orb in the wrong node will result in a penalty of a 5-second slowdown.

Each time you deposit the light in the correct node, you will get a Vengeance buff, which will allow you to damage the final boss. But, remember, you will be only able to damage the boss with the same energy type weapon and abilities as your inactive buff. Repeat the step until you kill the boss. Once you are done sending the boss to hell, just talk to Eris Morn, and you will receive Xenophage.

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