Escape From Tarkov Changes are Coming with 12.5 Patch

Escape From Tarkov Changes 12.5 Patch

Escape From Tarkov is still one of the main games for FPS lovers. The game offers something different to the players from the stale Battle Royale. Battle Royale games are simple, you do not earn anything from winning the game except some new cosmetics. Escape from Tarkov is not a Battle Royale game, but it has similar mechanics. Escape from Tarkov allows players to earn and buy gear, this makes the game deep.

Players can customize any weapon in the game and allows them to use their weapons with different settings. More and more players are starting to play Escape From Tarkov but it is not a starter friendly game for sure.

Escape from Tarkov path 12.5 will offer players some very much needed changes. First of all, the mouse sensitivity setting will change and players will have more control over their scopes. Some optics rendering optimizations are also coming with the game.

There are also fixes for stuttering and freezes. Escape from Tarkov is still in Early Acess and we are expecting the game to stay in Early Access for at least one more year. The game developers are doing a good job listening to their community and their community is growing especially with everyone in lockdown because of the current epidemic.

Another change coming with the game is players will have a quick healing feature. However, this will be only available at the end of the raid. This will remove many problems in the game while you are finishing a raid. Players will not lose their loot due to being low on health anymore. Escape From Tarkov is still not available on Steam and this is hindering game availability to a wider audience.

However, developers left an open door for a Steam release in the future. But the developers are also under some fire from the fans because they are accused of deleting negative comments regarding the game. This might be a reason for the game not being available on Steam.

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