Esports in the Olympics?

  • Esports became established in the 2000s following the first Esports Arenas launched in Santa Ana, California and Las Vegas. Once the gaming community reached the “controversial” status of Esports becoming a sport, the next big question came up. Will Esports reach the likes of being utilized in the Olympics? 

Esports in the Olympics?


When we look back at sports such as basketball, for instance, it became a slamdunk of a phenomenon within the sports communities. To reach its immensely popular status of today, did it ever need the notorious popularity of the Olympics? Not even close. This is the same question Esports fans and gamers of today ask about their own community. “Let’s put Esports in the Olympics! Or…Should it be?” 

“I think it would be wonderful for the Olympics to put Esports on their program because it would allow them to attract the attention of a new audience that might otherwise be turned away.” Maurizio Barbieri, head of Twitter’s sports partnerships in Southeast Asia, at Sportel Asia.

In recent news as well, video game competitions were in candidacy for the Paris 2024 Olympics but were rejected in order to feature breakdancing, skateboarding, surfing, and climbing in the program. Perhaps we’ll all see another attempt at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.


There is also another factor at play in regards to the ever-growing successes of the Esports communities and professional communities. Sponsors.

According to Nike in late February, they signed a contract with the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China. This is a national championship that brings together 16 professional teams. For the four year duration of the contract, each player of each team will be sporting the infamous Nike logo with newly designed tracksuits and jerseys. Just do it.

Nike Esports Advertisement Sponsor


It’s been two or three years since the Esport made its debut in the mainstream culture (…) but the announcement of Nike has caused a huge boost of enthusiasm from our fans, and the buzz it generated surprised everyone, “said Philip So, the boss of League of Legends.

This type of sponsorship endorsement has hit professional gamers and leagues globally. Adidas, Mercedes, and BMW have rocked the European Esports scene. Esports is now “Lovin’ It,” because of McDonald’s dropping a German football team sponsorship to join our fellow nerds.

A World View

Esports Olympics Gaming World Global Event

According to the US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs as of last October, the Esports scene will reach approximately 300 million viewers in the year 2022. This type of audience is compared to that of the NFL, the National Football League. Esports gaming is also becoming a major for college campuses worldwide. The future of Esports gaming is looking bright, to say the least. With the Olympics, or without it.

What do guys think of Esports in the Olympics? Would you major in gaming at your local college or university and eventually be sponsored by huge names such as Nike or BMW? Like and share this post with our fellow gamers.

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