Is There Any Chance That PUBG Can Be Saved?

Is There Any Chance That PUBG Can Be Saved

Is There Any Chance That PUBG Can Be Saved? Today we will take a look at PUBG’s popularity and try to answer some of the questions.

Highest Player Count on Steam is PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or commonly known as PUBG was an amazing success in the beginning. The game had a very long early access period. However, players were hyped about the game way before the actual release due to the Steam’s ‘Early Access’ program. Eventually, PUBG was released and immediately started to break records. The highest peak player count in a game on Steam is PUBG. There was a reason behind this. PUBG did not create the Battle Royale genre, however, they were the first ones to up the scale of the battle with 100 players on an island. Additionally, there were no competitors at the time of their rising.

However, PUBG’s popularity did not last long. Epic Games understood that they can do the Battle Royale on their terms with unique features such as building. Fortnite was actually not supposed to be Battle Royale game. The “Save the World” mode was the actual Fortnite game. However, after the release of Fortnite; players started to understand what PUBG lacked.

PUBG was extremely slow at releasing new content and updates. The game was riddled with hackers for a very long time and eventually. Additionally, Chinese players started to raid European and North American Servers which caused performance issues. Thus, the Chinese Zone Lock came months after the actual problem hit. The game was laggy and had bugs everywhere. Also, the player movements were not fluid according to the Pro Players.

In the end, Fortnite started to take over. At first, it was not that visible but over time we can see that PUBG definitely lost popularity. The one year Xbox console exclusive was another horrible disaster. The game came to PS later a year after the console release. However, today you cannot even find 100 players in most of the matches. Let us check the stats for PUBG.

Steam Player Count of PUBG

The chart that you can see here is coming from SteamCharts. Here, we can see everything since the release of the game.


As you can see, PUBG reached its peak around Jan. ’17. This is still the unbroken steam record over 3 million players live in a game. This was great, however, the game is going back to the beginning period and continues to decline.

Twitch Viewer Count of PUBG

This is another indicator for the state of the game. We know for a fact that more popular the game is, the higher the viewership is on Twitch. So let us check The Twitch Stats.

Twitch Tracker

As you can see PUBG’s average viewer number dropped from 90k to 28k, and the chart sways in the same direction as on SteamCharts.

Google Searches on PUBG

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. So when we are searching for something we can see the search counts. Let us check these stats on Google Trends.

Google Trends

We can understand from these charts that PUBG continues to lose its popularity, and has been for some time now. The game does not reflect its former glory. There are several factors to this.

  • PUBG’s player base was taken by other games that have their own battle royale mode such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.
  • Fortnite is basically everyone’s main competitor since they’re consistently on the top of the ranks in the battle royale genre. Which is free and far better optimized.
  • The game has lost desirability due to the lack of updates and fresh content.
  • PUBG players move onto new releases

However, there are still some hardcore fans of this game. PUBG mobile, on the other hand, had a golden year. The game received several awards in the past couple of months. Most players are asking for a PUBG 2 or a sequel game but the developers are stating that they want to still improve this game further. But looking at the decline in popularity begs the question; is it worth putting effort into a dying cause? Would it not be better to focus on a new title such as PUBG 2 so that players can shift to a new title?

These questions must have been asked at PUBG Corporation, and considering how successful PUBG was at one point in time, the company does have the formula to create a new title or a sequel. They also have Fortnite and Apex Legends as a benchmark for success. So they know exactly what would be required with a new title/sequel to make another successful battle royale game. But PUGB has lost so much popularity that it’s hard to revitalize a dying game.

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