Holy Grail of eSports Collectibles

Holy Grail of eSports Collectibles

One of the biggest games in esports is World of Warcraft and Starcraft II. Put them together and you get the Holy Grail of eSports Collectibles.


Esports is growing by the day. Once a dominant sport in the Asian markets has now become a worldwide attraction. With the height of eSports comes really cool collectors items. Today we find something incredibly unique and rare, however, is it the holy grail of eSports collectibles?

Blizzard 2016 South Korea E-sports Full 23 Pins Set

One seller on eBay has a full set of pins featuring games from the tournaments; World of Warcraft and Starcraft. The seller has the complete set which consists of 23 pins, all beautifully placed in a presentation box.

Each pin is individually numbered, and it’s unclear how limited the pins were. What is clear is that if you’re one of those crazy collectors who only collect each limited numbers for each piece in the collection, good luck with that!

Details of Item

Here’s the complete details from the auction page:

Blizzard 2016 South Korea E-sports Full 23 Pins Set

Only 1 Remaining Set Available – Pins will not be sold individually.

2016 WoW Arena World Championship Asia-Pacific at Nexon Arena Event

(22 Character Pins (listed below) and 1 SC Remaster Logo Pin)

Tracer, Tychus, The Lost Vikings, Arthas, Vorazun, Kerrigan, Tassadar, Artanis, Nova, Falstad, Leoric, Alarak, Illidan, Sgt hammer, Auriel, The Inn Keeper, Medivh, C’thun, Azmodan, Murky, Zeratul, Raynor and Starcraft Remastered (only pin that is not limited number).

*Scratches/Scuffs may be present on back or front of pins and came this way.


All offers will be considered. Don’t hesitate to send an offer!

This is a Blizzard Esports LIMITED EDITION Korea Esports Pin Set consisting of (23) pins! The pins comes with a printed limited edition number on the back of the pin (number will vary from picture). Only available in 2016 by attending Blizzard Entertainment Esports events in South Korea. Blizzard hosted an event for limited edition hero badge collection at the 2016 Wow Arena World Championship Asia-Pacific in Seoul South Korea. There were 23 pins available to be collected. This is specifically for The Full 23 Pin Set (as shown in picture) and will be untouched BRAND NEW in box!! (Any scuffs/scratches present were already there when the pins were obtained.


What’s really unique about this set is that you were only able to obtain them by attending the Blizzard Entertainment Esports event in South Korea.. I’m assuming they were at the merchandise booth which probably had a bunch of clothing, gear, plushies and action figures from the games showcases at the event.


This beautiful set doesn’t come cheap. At a cost of $1599 US or best-offer, you really need to have deep pockets for this purchase. With that said, however buys this last remaining set will have one of the rarest eSports memorabilia. The set can be put together in a beautiful frame and hung in the gameroom.

You could always pin them to your arm-less jean jacket and showcase your love for World of Warcraft and Starcraft, but I doubt anyone would be willing to dish out that kind of money just to make a fashion statement.

The seller has some other cool collectibles in their store if you’re interested in checking it out.

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Gallery of Holy Grail of eSports Collectibles

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