How To Get The Dr Disrespect Sniper Rifle In Borderlands 3? [The Two-Time]

How To Get The Dr Disrespect Sniper Rifle In Borderlands 3
  • 2K Games did something special in Borderlands 3. They gave Dr Disrespect a dedicated weapon in-game. Here’s how to get it.

How To Get The Dr Disrespect Sniper Rifle In Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 got off to a good start as they already have more users than they did for Borderlands 2. On top of that, the game was well-received by review sites. We all wanted to play this game for years, and it felt like a lifetime ago since we last played Borderlands 2. The time was right for another game in this amazing series and fans were excited when Borderlands 3 was announced last year. We all know that unique post-apocalyptic look of Borderlands. The feeling of this game is amazing as well. In addition to the billions of gun selections, we have seen many different additions to this vast world.

Borderlands 3 dedicated several different weapons to several infamous characters, such as Rick and Morty. But Dr Disrespect is the first one we have seen get a cameo as a streamer. 2k introduced a new weapon called The Two-Time. We can see that Borderlands developers wanted to honor him by his Nickname as The Two-Time. The weapon stats scale with your level so there is no need to worry.

Once you are in the game you can head to planet Pandora and inside that zone, you need to visit a location called Devil’s Razor. In there you will meet a persona looking similar to DrDisrespect.

where to get DrDisrespect Sniper Rifle

You will get a mission from him and after you have completed the mission you will be able to use The Two-Time. The weapon’s description is also dedicated to Dr Disrespect stating Back to Back Consecutive Blockbuster Championships. The character is also an ex-pro gamer and he talks about lag a lot. This is a really nice touch by Gearbox  Software to be honest.

Also recently in the game, we have seen several new and exciting Easter Eggs dedicated to some of the iconic characters of our time even an Elon Musk Flamethrower. Borderlands 3 is available at the Epic Store right now.

Two Time Dr Disrespect Borderlands 3 Weapon

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