Is this the Rarest Halo Collectible?

Halo collectibles are everywhere. From action figures to sealed games, to promotional items, collectors can get pretty wild with all of it. However, Game Life has found a real gem. Is this the Rarest Halo Collectible?

Rarest Halo Collectible

To have back to back with holy grail items showcased here is quite rare given what is out there at the moment. Game Life stumbled upon this Halo Covenant Elite Statue sculpted by Juan Ramirez and casted by Robert Standlee. The statue is from 2002 and was handed out to Bungie employees for their work on the successful Halo Combat Evolved game. The question arises now, is this the rarest Halo collectible?

The Statue

For some reason the statue rang a bell. Just the way it looks I feel as if Game Life featured this rare gem years ago.

Well… what do you know, we featured this statue 7 years ago. It was incredibly rare back then, and even more rare now. Link to the article with pictures below.

The seller of the featured statue says that were around 12-20 made, however, checking out the article from above there seems to have been 30 circulated within the Bungie offices.

Description of Halo Elite Concept Art statue

The seller of the statue has written a good description of their story on this rare Halo gem. If you’re interested in checking out the statue, here’s the link. The seller writes:

Up for purchase is a Halo Elite Concept Art statue sculpted by Juan Ramirez and casted by Robert Standlee. The statue measures approximately 18” tall. These were created for the Halo Combat Evolved Bungie development team in 2002 and were never available to the public. I have received mixed feedback on the quantity made but the range is from 12-20 per Ex-Bungie employees. Unlike the majority I have seen this one is in great condition with no breaks. The fingers tend to be an issue. Photos taken in different variants of light. Please note the base was made of wood and has some sap (sticky) on the bottom. You could put some felt on it but I kept it completely original.


The Covenant Elite statue stats for sale presently is priced at $3995 US. If you checked out the article from years ago you’ll see the same statue was on auction for $745. A nice bargain now that the price is $4k US.

It doesn’t mean that the statue is worth that much unless it sells to someone for that amount. What we do know is that the statue is probably the holy grail of Halo collectibles and you can’t find a rarer item for the franchise.

Doing a quick Google search shows one other source where a Halo collector showcases this rarity in his gameroom on Twitter:

Original interview with Juan Ramirez

If you didn’t catch on right away, the artist of the statue is Juan Ramirez. Not to dig too much into who Juan was, Bungie still has their interview with him from 2002 on their site which is pretty cool. You can read about that interview here.


Someone actually has a video up on youtube of the rare Halo Covenant Elite statue shown below. It’s only 17 seconds but still worth a watch:

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