Legend of Zelda 8-bit Statue

Legend of Zelda 8-bit Statue from Breath of the Wind done in LEGO Nintendo Wii Switch 4

Breath of the Wind is the latest The Legend of Zelda game in the franchise and it has received some of the highest grades in the gaming industry. It’s so good that many are calling it their favorite LOZ game in the series which is a big step considering games like Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are probably the best games. To celebrate the continued success of The Legend of Zelda I figured I’d find a unique item that we can all appreciate which is this awesome Legend of Zelda 8-bit Statue from Breath of the Wind all done in Legos!

Legend of Zelda 8-bit Statue

This Link statue was built entirely out of Lego blocks which is impressive. I have seen many life-size LEGO statues that are enormous, however, nothing is cooler than seeing The Legend of Zelda 8-bit statue for Link.

As you can see from the picture, Link has his Breath of the Wind blue outfit on.

I’m sure the artist can change the blue to green and tag the 8-bit statue as any game from the franchise (with exception of The Wind Waker).

The artist of this Link 8-bit statue has put together a video to show how everything was built. It’s quite fascinating just to see the process of putting something together like this.

Details of the Statue

The Legend of Zelda 8-Bit Statue of link took roughly 30 days to make (given that the artist didn’t dedicated 24 hours of their time on this piece).

There was roughly 12000 blocks used to create the statue which measures 36 inches in width, 37 inches in height and 42 inches in diameter.

To have the patience to put this piece together is impressive in itself. I don’t think I could work on something for 30 days straight.

Nonetheless, it would be great to see more The Legend of Zelda characters in an 8-bit form like this Link statue. I’d personally would love to see the Super Nintendo Ganon form!

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