PlayStation 5 Release Date and Features

PS5 release date and features
Sony’s Mark Cerny shares the features and release date of PlayStation 5.
It has been 25 years since the release of the first PlayStation console. There have been many product redesigns in between like the slim versions or the latest PS4 PRO however these were nothing but remodeled versions of the series. We have seen many changes over the years and it seems like we will continue to see them as PlayStation 5 rumors and concepts have been floating around the net for quite some time. However, an official Sony persona never confirmed these rumors. That was until Mark Cerny gave his official interview with Wired. Of course, the news comes from a development cycle and may include changes, but the features are confirmed and definitely interesting. PlayStation 4 sold over 90 million units excluding sales numbers of the PS4 Pro and slim versions.
Let’s compare the PS5 with PS4 Pro.
The Popular Gold Skin PS4 Pro
The Popular Gold Skin PS4 Pro
PS4 Pro came with 4K rendering, however was not native 4k but an upscaled version of it. The GPU was much stronger standing at 4.2 teraflops. There was only 1TB HDD version, unlike the 500GB version of PS4. It was much bulkier and heavier than PS4. It has a GPU from AMD and players were able to upgrade with an SSD of their own.
PlayStation 5 Release Date
The official PlayStation 5 release date will not be in 2019. Expect release date to be late 2020 or early 2021. There are upcoming games planned for 2020 but developers will need access to the PlayStation 5 kits to roll them out. Because of this, 2021 seems more likely.
PlayStation 5 Features

PlayStation 5, however, will come with an SSD of its own. This SSD will be custom made for the product will help cut down on long loading screens. For example fast travel times for Spiderman game was around 15 seconds, with the new SSD it drops to less than 1  second. Keep in mind this is all product testing.
PlayStation 5 will come with native 8K. This is a little bit forward thinking as 4K TVs did not dominate the market until recently. However, 8K seems like a little overkill for now but they are thinking about the future because they don’t want to miss the train of Native 4K,  as they did with the PS4 Pro.
PlayStation 5 will have Ray tracing technology built in. As we know, ray tracing is developed under Nvidia, however  Sony is developing its own Ray tracing technology or commonly known as RTX. Many players are already doubting how they can give 8K plus the RTX with their final product.
PlayStation 5 will have stronger GPUs and CPUs, using AMD 8 cores.
These are the highlights of the Mark Cerny interview. There will be much more news released as we get closer to the Release Date.

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