Powerful Message from Esports Player: “Make your own fu**ing team”.

Powerful Message from Esports Player Ian Porter OpTic Crimsix

Crimsix, who plays for the highly successful Call of Duty esports team OpTic Gaming, released an interesting video on his Youtube channel. The video wasn’t showcasing highlights or hot topic debates. This time it was a serious message.

Powerful Message from Esports Player

Ian Porter is known by his gamer name, Crimsix. He’s considered the most “winningest player” in Call of Duty history. Ian has played for comLexity, Evil Geniuses and now OpTic Gaming, which is considered one of the best Call of Duty teams in the history of Call of Duty esports.

Crimsix Message to Pro Players

With just days to go before the start of CWL Fort Worth on Friday, Crimsix posted an interesting video on his YouTube page. Unlike his other videos of highlight reels, scrim matches, and interviews, this video had a more serious tone. The video’s title was, “a message to all pro players…“.

Crimsix Ian Porter Esports Player Stream
Image source: Crimsix YT

He video started off with, “What’s going on bros? No goofy intro today, this is more of a serious video“. Viewers were wondering what was up with Crimsix and if something was wrong. Actually, nothing was wrong. Instead, viewers were in for a treat as they were going to receive some of the best advice that they probably otherwise wouldn’t get elsewhere. Crimsix brought up the “Rostermania” just before CWL Fort Worth. Essentially, what happens during Rostermania is a shake-up of lines and player transfers that take place right before the major event. However, Crimsix dug a bit deeper and stated that out of the 16 teams that were heading to the Call of Duty esports event, 9 of them made roster changes. Crim said that’s the highest number ever for Rostermania. That’s where he had an epiphany.

Crimsix’s Past with Evil Geniuses

Ian starts to go into his past with Evil Geniuses, and said, “I’ve been on the end where you get screwed over“. Presumably, he possibly thinks that some players are being taken advantage of, or perhaps doing something they don’t really feel right in their heart. When Evil Geniuses broke up, things were a little hectic, and Crim pointed out that is what Midnight is going through now. It’s hard to believe that the team that came into the CWL Pro League and shocked the world by beating the #1 rated team, OpTic Gaming, is going through some major changes now.

When EG broke up, Crim and his teammates wanted to go somewhere else. He continued by saying that there were two main options on the table. Either, they could go and create their own esports team, or be an MLG branded team. This is when Crimsix started to go deep into his thoughts on the esports industry and the way business works.

Crimsix says in his video:

Right now, 25 years old like 10 years of experience in esports. I was there from the get-go. That is what I would’ve done. I would have made my own team, I would have been sponsored by no one off the rip, not getting paid, but it is, if you are skilled enough and are playing well enough, you will eventually get that. So I actually talked to de1vce a little bit from Astralis, and that is what they did. They did it a little bit differently. But, pretty much, they took the right route. If I was my younger self, that is exactly what I would do. I would make my own team, pretty much sell it. Not sell it, but I would say hey, this is our tam, we’re looking for sponsors. Down the road right, might end up cashing out. From your own work. What I mean by this, it might seem like greedy to people who don’t understand this. But when, say you work your a** off. Per example, OpTic sold last year. Worked my a** off for four years, I think it was 3 before it sold. Didn’t get paid by it. So, yeah, um, at the end of the day, when you make your own team, you are promoting yourself. You are working for yourself. For your friends, your teammates. The people around you. You are doing that for your own benefit as a whole. There’s no disconnect, no third party that’s going to make bank off of your hard work. You’re going to make to make that bank.

Crimsix Message to Pro Players Make your own ESPORTS team.

Crimsix Message and Views

What’s interesting about his views is that he’s been molded into the esports industry at a young age. So Ian has seen the competition side of things; the training, the dedication, the traveling. Playing scrims almost every single day and giving it his all. Moreover, Crimsix has seen the business side of things, and this is why he’s speaking from the heart. Because Crim would do things a little differently if he was younger. Technically, we all would do things a little different given what we know now.

Esports Business

But business can be ruthless, and no one is there to rub your back despite what you put on the table. It’s very simple; esports players get paid to play competitively, build the brand they represent and make money for the organization. This is what Crimsix was talking about when he mentioned the sale of popular Call of Duty team “OpTic Gaming”.

He didn’t get anything from that sale. And the sale was based on OpTic Gaming’s success which only happened with players like Crimsix who’s been around for most of their successes. His hard work and dedication at the end of the day didn’t result to higher highs. Which is why this video is probably one of the most powerful messages an esports player can give; not only to other pro players, but to anyone watching.

He continued,

“So, pretty much, I would say, make your own fu**ing team”.

It’s powerful advice, especially coming from someone who’s been in the industry for 10 years and seen both the personal and business side of esports. Although it’s easier said then done, building your own business is not meant to be easy. Like Crimsix mentioned, if he built his own team he would have to work hard at the beginning and make close to zero dollars. The future is never clear, and will Crimsix look to build his own esports team like one of his past teammates did (Nadeshot with 100 Thieves).

Here’s the full video:

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