PROTOCORE Preview: When Doom Meets Machine Learning

PROTOCORE Preview When Doom Meets Machine Learning
Source: IUMTEC

French indie studio, IUMTEC, will be coming out with a new breed of first-person shooters called PROTOCORE. Be ready to fight against robots that know your every move.


IUMTEC, a French indie gaming company has reimagined FPS games, introducing the first shooter where your enemy knows your every move. Imagine an enemy that gets harder to kill as the game progresses. In PROTOCORE, you fight against robots that have adaptive artificial intelligence and get smarter the more you destroy them.

The 1-4 player co-op game is the first FPS game developed by the company, and here is a taste of what’s to come (pre-alpha footage):

The Story Behind PROTOCORE

In the future, you fight artificial intelligence onboard a giant spaceship called The Autonoma. A swarm of deadly robots have taken over he Autonoma and have one goal, to destroy humans. Every corner you turn, every move you make, PROTOCORE is playing with you. It learns and adapts from your play style in the most threatening way. You’ll need to think fast and run through thousands of deadly robots to wipe out PROTOCORE.

Encounter brutal enemies and intimidating bosses. Use advanced weaponry, explosives, hacking and much more to protect your self against the diabolic swarm of robots. If you die, you’ll be given another chance to defeat PROTOCORE. But every time you respawn, the robots are smarter and not predictable like before. You’ll need to act fast and think on your feet.

There are four types of enemies in the game:

  • Helper: the first model that was meant to help humans with various tasks on the ship.
  • Engi: Short for engineer. The Engi comes equipped with a shield and has a slow projectile attack.
  • Raptor: This model is vicious and lethal. It’s like the “Helper” but faster.
  • Suicide: This model self-destructs.

PROTOCORE is still in development, which means there will be more enemies, and probably more weapons and rooms. For full details on the development of the gane, you can go here.

What PROTCORE Has To Offer
  • Adaptive AI – Be smart! The AI controls difficulty by changing the rules according to your actions! Die and retry – Face deadly adversity with specific patterns that will require more than one attempt to overcome!
  • Speedrun – Surpass yourself and others by scoring the highest while clock is ticking!
  • Solo & Co-op – Play with up to 3 friends if you can’t dig it alone!
  • Moddable – Create your own experience! PROTOCORE has been developed with modding in mind.

Are you ready to challenge the future?


PROTOCORE started development in 2017, and is currently in the prototype / pre-alpha state. The game has been built on the Unreal Engine 4, and has a target release for 2020. IUMTEC are looking to have a price point of $25-$30 (more details to come). The game will be available on Steam, however, there might be a release on other platforms (TBA).

If you’re interested in taking part in the testing program, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address. You’ll be notified when testing will be opened.

About IUMTEC Indie Studio

Taken from the PROTOCORE website:

“IUMTEC is a young and independent dev team that turns french cheese into video games since May 2017. The studio was founded by two long-time bearded friends who were spending all their time to craft indie games on their own. Their dream was about gathering experience and build a great team in order to release a first-person shooter with great quality. Today, the studio is employing more than ten people and is about to make this dream come true.”

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