PUBG’s New Map Karakin Will Change The Game

PUBG's New Map Karakin Will Change The Game

PUBG is still one of the biggest games in the world. The game may not have its former glory but there is a hardcore fan base of the game. Additionally, PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile games in the world. Regardless, when we are taking a look at PUBG we realize that they have more maps than their competitors. Interestingly PUBG is always criticized for being unfinished but they do create content regularly. That being said, PUBG’s new map, Karakin, is in the Test server and we tested it for some time. This new map is insane, and honestly, one of the most complex maps we have ever seen in the FPS world.

Source: PUBG Corp

PUBG Karakin

Karakin map is a 64-player map, and the size is 2×2. This means that it is the smallest map in the game. The Vikendi map was removed from the game in replacement for Karakin. First off, when you’re sitting in the deployment plane, it passes through the map at high speeds; you’ll need to pick your spot fast. The buildings are generally at the edges of the map and so are good loot. There are buildings towards the center but they are smaller.

Source: PUBG Corp

The Karakin map is designed to promote a fast-pace game. Even the game mechanics, which we will discuss, are designed to that end. There are underground tunnels on the map and these tunnels can connect to some buildings.


Destructible walls are implemented with the new PUBG Karakin map. This map has a lot of destruction. In order to destroy the walls, you need a sticky bomb for now. You can stick this bomb to the designated surface and goodbye cover for your enemies. Also, you can open new angles and even escape from the tunnels by blowing up the floor. Also as a new feature, some of the walls are penetrable with bullets. These walls are just like doors on other maps and players can penetrate them easily. If you are hiding behind a wall and think you are safe, do not be so sure.

Source: PUBG Corp

Also the new game mechanic Black Zone is coming with the new Karakin map. This is interesting and maybe the most fun mechanic in the game. So we all know the red zone bombs flying in a designated area. However, Red Zone does not blow buildings apart and it is random.

Source: PUBG Corp

But Black Zone is designed to hit the buildings and it is making hiding and camping in buildings impossible. If you are caught in a Black Zone run outside immediately because the building that you are in might get destroyed.

PUBG Corp. put a lot of work into the new Karakin Map. This map is both fun and fast-paced and PUBG needed something fast-paced. PUBG Season 6 will start on January 22nd on PC and January 30th on Consoles.

Source: PUBG Corp

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