RAW Sandbox MMORP Game By KillerWhale Games

Today we will take a look at one of the most interesting titles to come – RAW by Killerwhale Games.

RAW Sandbox MMORP Game – Ultra Realism

One of the things about gaming is being someone else.  Being one with the character you are playing. For example, playing Assasin’s Creed, we feel a connection to the game and we try to think and act like an Assasin, or, if we are playing a soccer game we feel like the player.  In these games, players are given a set of skills, and generally, this is good enough. However, there are some games that take this to a completely new level. Realism-based Role Playing games are not new. However, they were not very successful in the past.

The most interesting one probably that comes to mind is GTA 5 RP and Arma 3 modes. In these games, players have a chance to be whoever they want to be. These choices change the game completely. You can be a policeman or a judge or even be a pharmacist. These games have that immersion that you would want. However, even these games have limitations. They are not Sandbox Role-Playing Games. This is where RAW comes in.


The game is still in production but the things that they offer is mind-blowing. To be honest, we just can’t wait to how it will turn out. Raw is for Hardcore RPG players. Hardcore RPG means that all the processes taking place in the game will be as close as possible to the same processes in real life.

RAW takes place on an island with 400 km2, and by comparison, this is huge. Even GTA 5 is 81 km2. So we are talking about massive land. But this map is empty. Yes, there is nothing else besides the scenery.

Video Game Raw Mayor
Source: Killerwhale Games

As mentioned above, RAW starts on an empty island, where there is nothing but scenery. Players will log on and they will choose a Governor or a Mayor. The governor will form a team. Next, the governor chooses the place where the new city will be found and the game starts. There are some good locations and bad locations, not every resource is easily accessible. The government team should develop the city, keep order on the island, provide conditions for a good life of citizens. Other players start the game without any property. To earn money, they can be employed in the public service (police, health care and so on), do small, low-paying jobs like picking and selling fruits or try to get a job from more wealthy players. If they manage to earn enough money, they can try to start their own business.

This is a real Hardcore RPG. Players cannot do anything as there are no buildings to start with.


The construction will require resources. For public buildings, the mayor and his team will either need to buy these resources at the port or hire people to mine and deliver these resources.  This means the government will always be able to provide people with work. For example, if you want to buy yourself  real estate, there are three different ones. Commercial Real Estate, Residential, and Production. Players need to earn a lot of money in order to buy real estate in RAW. However, you will also pay taxes on your building depending on the size and etc. But let us say you bought the land. How will you build it?

This is where players come to interact with each other in RAW. Cause you need each other. Your building like every building in real life needs resources. One player needs to sell those resources and another need to deliver them. It takes time to build up a house in RAW.

RAW Jobs

There are many jobs; more than enough for players. These jobs depend on the needs of the town or the likes. For example, you have ordinary government jobs. You can be a lawyer, policeman or even a paramedic. You can open other private ones. These jobs are all connected with each other in RAW. For instance, you want to buy a brand new car but you cannot do that if there is no car salesman in your town. This kind of needs will push players to open new jobs.

RAW Town

A town is the main lifeline for all the players, where you’ll be able to find a job, hang out with other players, shop and do many other things and activities. There can be several towns across the map at the same time connected with roads, and each of them will require its own mayor, police station, shops, hospitals, etc. The towns are looking similar to American based towns. Since the map is really huge there are different types of towns as well. You cannot get all the resources from one spot which means you’ll need to trade in other towns.

Video Game Raw Shop Mechanics
Source: Killerwhale Games
RAW Business

Let us say you took the business route and opened a place for yourself. If you sell from your store, you need to check on your stocks all the time. For example, if you sell trucks, then you need to deliver the trucks from the place of purchase to the place of sale and if all the trucks are sold out, then you need to deliver a new batch.

All of your earnings are taxed and cut from your pay. Also, this tax will be depending on how much does the government wants to cut. You can hire other players. For example, you have a truck and another player needs to deliver something, they can hire you. Eventually, you can open a transport company and serve several stores.

RAW Environment

As we have said before the land is huge; 400 square kilometers. Therefore there are a couple of different biomes.

The map consists of a large island in the center and many adjacent small Islands. Not all islands can be reached at the beginning of the game. The government will have to build bridges to do this. There are rocky mountains, desert with canyons, salt lake, sand dunes, tropical islands, and quarry island as well.

Video Game Raw Different Environments
Source: Killerwhale Games
RAW Multiplayer

The developers are stating that they want to open official servers and provide a free dedicated server to everyone. The approximate capacity of the server is 100-200 players. The map is huge and this can mean a little bit of emptiness.

Overall RAW offers a lot. However, we do hope that the game can deliver it.

RAW Release Date

According to the developers, the game will be available around 2020. If you want more information you can reach their Kickstarter page from here.

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