Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup 2018: What you need to know

Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup 2018: What you need to know.

The Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup will begin this Friday, Nov. 30th at 2pm Eastern Time. It’s the second time ELEAGUE will host an event for the Rocket League.

For those of you who play Counter-Strike Global Offense will be familiar with the setup as the ELEAGUE is a primarily a CS:GO league. However, they’ve opened up for other tournaments / events and games including Clash of Clans.

Eight of the top teams in the Esports Rocket League will be competing in the final event of this year which will be worth $150,000; broken between $70,000 for first place, $30,000 for 2nd place and $12,000 for 3rd. That’s not pocket change, and you can expect the competition to be intense.

Where to Watch it

Depending where you live, if you have TBS (Channel 139 on the Disk network) you’ll be able to catch the Rocket League Esports.

Other than TBS, you also catch the ELEAGUE Cup Rocket League on Twitch. The event lasts all weekend and wraps up on December 2nd. You can catch this on Twitch here:

The run Down

There are 8 teams that have been invited to play in the ELEAGUE Cup Rocket League. They will be split into 2 groups of 4. The bracket will be “Double Elimination” where the Top 2 teams from each group advances to the Playoffs which happen on Dec.2nd. The brackets then move to Single Elimination.

All matches are best out of 7.

Who is Playing

The teams that were invited are as follows with their respected players:


Analysts for the Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup
Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup 2018 Caster Analyst Line-up
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There’s an exicitng line-up of casters and analysts who will break down the action and bring an energetic play-by-play for the entire event. Starting of with the host is England’s Alex “Machine” Richardson. Having hosted this years ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier tournament, he’ll be in familiar territory. Other commentator/analysts include:

  • Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons
  • Joey “Jorby ” Ahrens
  • James “Jamesbot” Villar
  • Michael “Achieves” Williams
  • Adam “Lawler ” Thornton

For you hardcore Rocket League fans, tickets are available online here:

Here’s the event Information:

Tickets for the ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League 2018 are currently available. The event is taking place at ELEAGUE Arena at Turner Studios in Atlanta, GA. All attendees must reserve a ticket to gain entry. Admittance into the studio and into the complimentary parking lot at security gate on 10th street by SHOWING YOUR TICKET TO THE SECURITY GUARD. Then guests will follow signage to the parking and event check in. The first 150 guests will be seated for that day’s event. We do not guarantee all ticket holders will have access to the studio and complimentary parking.

2018 ELEAGUE Cup Rocket League what you need to know
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