Tech Cards for Rise of Shadows [Hearthstone]

Tech Cards for Rise of Shadows [Hearthstone]

If you’re looking for ways to counter the best decks in Rise of Shadows meta, this article is for you. We will discuss some of the best cards you can use to defeat those pesky Hunters, and every annoying deck that you come across.

La Creme de la Creme

Starting Rise of Shadow, the sole owner of the best deck in the game was Tempo Rogue. With a powerful combination of Aggro and Board Control, you felt the Rogue was on top of you all the time. With incredible draw engines like Raiding Party and Myra’s Unstable Element, they were never lacking cards to play.

However the most recent nerfs to EVIL Miscreant, Preparation, and Raiding Party had made the playing field fairer. Even if everybody thought at the start that Rogue was getting gutted and beaten to the ground, it has actually managed to stay relevant, but now it shares its throne with Bomb Warrior and Mech Hunter.

The thing in common that all these decks have is that they favor aggression over anything else. Even if their variants include more or less value generation according to each player’s preference, Aggro is at the core of everything. However, they can be beaten, as proven by Hunterace, who won the HCT World Championship 2019 last month using Control Shaman. Let’s see what cards can we use in our favor to bring down these meta decks.

Weapon Removal
Hearthstone Acidic Swamp Ooze
Source: Gamepedia

Starting with the most obvious, in a meta where weapons are dominant, it is a must to bring weapon removal tech in your decks, or you risk to suffer the consequences. The biggest threats in this regard are Waggle Pick for Rogue, and Wenchcalibur or Supercollider for Warrior. They generate a lot of pressure in the board and offer value at the same time, not to mention they can be improved with upgrades and Captain Greenskin for them to hit even harder and having one more use.

Fortunately, there are several cards we can use to deal with this. If we want to fight the board, a couple of cheap options are presented: Acidic Swamp Ooze is a card from the Basic set which outright destroys your opponent’s weapon, and has a 3/2 body for only 2 mana. Bloodsail Corsair (from the Classic set) can reduce 1 durability of them instead (which in most cases has the same result), costing only 1 mana and summoning a 1/2 on the board.

For a more control focus, use Harrison Jones, a 5/4 legendary minion from the Classic set that destroys the weapon and allows you to draw cards equal to its durability. And if only one card sounds inconsistent, you can always rely on the previous 2. Even Warrior has its own form of weapon removal with Weapons Project, so there are plenty of options for this.

Silence the Robots!
Hearthstone Ironbeak Owl(500) Gold
Source: Gamepedia

Most of the strength of Mechs comes because of their Magnetic ability, which allows them to be played as buff to a minion rather than being a separate one. This way the can be attached to a minion ready to attack and deal their damage from a turn earlier. This is the sole reason why Wargear sees the play, and is one of the reasons Mech Hunters are so successful.

If our opponent is using his minions as buffs, then we must simply counter the buff using the oldest technique in the book: Silence. Even if you don’t play Priest or Shaman, who have access to the cheapest silences in the game (and Priest having the only AoE silence), you can look in the Classic set for minion who will satisfy your needs. Ironbeak Owl and Spellbreaker are Neutral minions who offer value and board presence. And Druid even has his own form to silence, in the form of the Keeper of the Groove.

This is highly effective against Mech Hunter, because not only does it “destroy” the minion used as a buff, but also it eliminates its effects, and annoying death rattles are common in these decks. But it can also be used against other decks: Quest Adventurer is a common minion in both Mage and Rogue, and it gets easily shut down by silence, not to mention the infamous Edwin Van Cleef.

Get rid of Those Bombs!
Archivist Elysiana Battlecry Discover Hearthstone
Source: Reddit


Bomb Warrior is annoying, to say the least, and makes every card draw a gamble to being kept alive. However, you can aim to get rid of the bombs before the big Blastmaster Boom turn, leaving the Warrior without their plan A and forcing him to fight for the win.

Tracking is a very effective tool for Hunter to do this, you can discard the bombs and draw your actual deck. You can even get more copies of Tracking from RNG effects such as Marked Shot and Shimmerfly. But for the rest of the classes, we have Elyssiana, which replaces your deck entirely, getting rid of all the bombs. Sure it is risky, but if you have a good hand you can make this play, and reduce the power level of Warrior by a lot.

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