Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Gamers 2019

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Gamers 2017 New

With Christmas around the corner, now would be a good time to check out the top 10 ugliest Christmas sweaters to buy.

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Gamers 2019

Tis the season to wear ugly Christmas sweaters! Every year people compete for the title of ugliest sweater during the festive season.

However… the thing that I’ve noticed throughout the years is that no one is unique anymore.

My family and friends simply run to their nearest Wal-Mart or Target and purchase the first ugly Christmas sweater they see off the rack.

For anybody that has a little big of “gamer” in them, why not put some effort and find a video game related “ugly Christmas sweaters“?

Here’s the Top 10 list of sweaters to buy at the moment, and will definitely start some nice retro game convos at the kitchen table. Some of you have asked for links last time I made a similar list so I’ll add them below!

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Gamers

In no particular order:

#10: Classic Retro Mario Jumper Green Christmas Sweater

Classic Retro Mario Jumper Green Christmas Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater has a slick, yet ugly look to it. The sweater is predominantly green and showcases the most iconic video game image of all time. The Classic Super Mario Bros. jump. It seems that Nintendo has banked in on this classic jump and literally produces it in any form; shirts, pillows, legos, candy, you name it.

This sweater also has the signature Star, Coin and Warp Pipe. I had to admit, the addition of the Christmas Trees on top of the warp pipes are a nice touch. But what I like the most about this sweater is that the colors on 8-bit Mario were not altered. They left the red, beige and brown colors from the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

#9: Alex Stevens “Game Over High Score Over 9000” Christmas Sweater

Alex Stevens Gamer Game Over High Score Over 9000 Ugly Christmas Sweater

So here’s a unique video game ugly Christmas sweater. What I like about this sweater is that there’s no license attached to it. There’s no Nintendo, or Sega, or Xbox/Playstation logos anywhere. The sweater is really a unique item. The only game that I can attach this sweater to is Space Invaders, as it has s slight resemblance to the gameplay. I am guessing that is what Alex Stevens was aiming for.

The sweater has a bunch of Santa Claus’ at the bottom with Christmas Trees on top of them in a nice uniform pattern. In the middle is star-filled which I assume represents the “aliens” from Space Invaders… but one can only speculate. At the top are Christmas stockings, all put together on a black background so that they patterns pop out like a sore thumb at a Christmas Party :).

The icing on the cake with this one is the “Game Over High Score Over 9000” at the neck area. Now top that score ;).


#8: Official Fallout 4 Vault Tec Ugly Christmas Sweater

Official Fallout 4 Vault Tec Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s a sweet ugly video game sweater with an elegant look. The navy blue makes this piece a timeless classic. From the hazard signs, to the Vault Tec crop logo, you will certainly win a lot of hearts not only at your Christmas party, but even around town wearing this bad boy.

Straight from the lion’s mouth: “Show you’re a true citizen of the wasteland with this Vault-Tec certified Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater. This knitted Jumper / Ugly Sweater features good old Vault Boy and a festive message. This Official Fallout 4 Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater is perfect for any festive occasion, but don’t expect it to protect you from radiation.”

Anything official definitely adds points to the attractiveness of the sweater, this, bringing down the ugly score, however, still looking ugly at the same time. Did that make sense? lol


#7: NBA 2K16 Promo Ugly Christmas T-shirt

NBA 2K16 Promo Ugly Christmas Sweater Style


What makes this Christmas t-shirt uber ugly is the fact that it’s out-dated (2k16), and the fact that it’s not a sweater at all. So basically the only way to make this work is to wear it on top of a sweater to qualify for the opening rounds of your Ugly Christmas Sweater competition.

Of course the rules are set in-house, however, I thought I’d add this to the list because think about it, when will you see another basketball snowman with his head spinning?


#6: Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nintendo SUPER MARIO BROS Ugly Christmas Xmas Sweater

So like #10, this one is pretty similar except the patterns are done differently, and I believe the material for this sweater is cotton while the other one was polyester.

What I like about this particular sweater is that the colors are vibrant. You got the green popping out with some nice red borders at the neck, wrists and waist areas, as well as the mushrooms that look oh-so-delicious! I also like the Stars/Mushrooms/Plant at the bottom near the waist area. Those subtle details is what can make or break your place in a competition.

And yes, this is an official product which is always nice.


#5: PlayStation Pink Buttons Ugly Christmas Sweater

Playstation Pink Buttons Ugly Christmas Sweater Official

Alright folks… I choose this sweater because it screams UGLY. Not that pink is an ugly color, but that is has nothing to do with Christmas!

Red, White, Blue, Green, yellow… these are Christmas colors. When you go outside and look at lighted houses, you see all the colors I mentioned except “pink”. Now every year some company decides to walk against the crowd and pull up some funky colors like Pink, but you need to remember something. You’re competing for the ugliest Christmas sweater and by spoting pink, that might land you a disqualification depending on the party you attend!

Yes, these parties do get crazy with their rules, and I’ve been to some intense competitions where even smiling while getting judged gets you eliminated!

Choose wisely my friends…


#4: PlayStation Dark Grey Logo Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sony PlayStation Men's Logo Christmas Jumper Large Grey

Yes yes yes, I had to find another PlayStation Ugly Christmas sweater because the last one was all over the place, however, I still digged the button patterns of the Triangle, O, X, Square. Now some of you might say that this sweater isn’t any better, that the grey background isn’t really Christmas. Well, yes, it is!

Think about it, when you’re walking down the street and look at the snow, is it perfect white? Or is it dirty and looks dark grey?

Ok… bad example.

But this Christmas sweater is pretty decent. I mean it’s got everything going for it; the PS logo, the Triangle, O, X, Square, and just the pattern configuration is nicely done. Definitely a hot sweater to pick up.


#3: Nintendo – Super Mario Coin Ugly Christmas Sweater Blue

Nintendo Super Mario Coin Ugly Christmas Sweater Blue Official

Is it me? Or does this jumping Mario appear e-v-e-r-y where? It’s also from the same seller as #10, however, this one has less happening with it. If you’re attending an ugly Christmas sweater compeition, howevber, not participating in it, then you can definitely sport this sweater at the party as it’s subtle in every way shape and form.

You won’t stick out as a sore thumb, and might even get a few complements like, “Hey buddy, wrong party. This is for ugly sweaters only” lol.

Whatever your swagger is, this Super Mario sweater is definitely worth looking at.


#2: Official Street Fighter Blanka vs Bison Ugly Christmas Sweater

Official Street Fighter Blanka vs Bison Ugly Christmas Sweater

Now tell me this sweater isn’t bad ass? Anything Capcom related is awesome, and nothing is more on the forefront than Street Fighter II. On top of it, you got some of the coolest characters from the game fighting each other. Blanka and Bison. Geez… if this sweater doesn’t get you drooling then I dunno what will.

From the lion’s mouth: It’s electricity versus mind bullets in this good versus evil faceoff of two stalwarts of the Street Fighter cast. With this Official Street Fighter Blanka Vs. M.Bison Street Fighter Jumper / Sweater, you can show your pride for one of the best fighting video games of all time with a knitted retro gaming Jumper / Sweater!”

With the traditional character colors in place, and the nice maroon background, you’ll definitely get a lot of heads turning.


#1. Official Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Ugly Christmas Sweater

Official Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alright… I lied.

This is probably THE ugliest Christmas sweaters on here, and probably deserves the #1 spot lol. The sweater has everything ugly going for it, from the Sonic the Hedgehog creepy face, to the vibrant red color that would make you a bull-eyes for any drunkard.

The fact that the traditional Sonic logo from the 90’s takes up 80% of the sweater is pretty bad in itself, but that the creators even had to hire a models to wear the sweater in order to sell it given how ugly it is. Brilliant and attractive marking in my books, and this sweater is definitely a winner.

Like common now, they even made a shoot of the awkward “Oh snap, we both wore the same sweater at the party” moment, and the two models laughing it off. Brilliant!

Official Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Ugly Christmas Sweater 2

Thanks for reading the Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Gamers 2018!

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