U.S. Navy enters the esports space with Dreamhack and ESL N.A partnership

U.S. Navy enters into esports space with Dreamhack and ESL N.A paternship
  • U.S. States Navy will partner with Dreamhack to host LAN Events at Dreamhack Anaheim and Dallas.

Some interesting news has come out of the world of esports. The U.S Navy will partner up with ESL North America and Dreamhack for LAN events. Apparently, the U.S. Navy shifted its advertising focus to digital, meaning more presence in ad operations and now the inclusion of esports. The United States Navy will be a joint partner in Dreamhack Anaheim (February 21-23) and Dallas (May 22-24) events and they will host their own LAN events for veterans and soldiers. CS:GO will also feature the United States Navy.

Rear admiral Brendan R. McLane, commander, U.S. Navy Recruiting Command stated:

The Navy is excited to partner with DreamHack and ESL as we enter the esports space. Like the Navy, esports requires a variety of skills and roles and a strong commitment to continual improvement. Our partnership will help align the U.S. Navy’s passion for competition with esports fans both onsite at DreamHack North American events and through unique online content on ESL channels.”

This means that the United States Navy is considering esports as a very important subject. Dreamhack is also a major force in the gaming world and partnering with the Navy proves how much esports has evolved.

CO-CEO of Dreamhack Marcus Lindmark was especially proud of the announcement, “We are honored to have this partnership with the U.S. Navy. We know gaming is a hobby for many who serve their country, so to unite our festivals in Anaheim and Dallas with this respected military branch is particularly meaningful to us. The Navy will bring some really unique activations to our fans in the U.S. and we are looking forward to offering this experience to our attendees.

You can read the full details here.

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