WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect [Starcraft 2]

WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect Starcraft 2
Source: Blizzard

Last week the Round of 32 for the WCS Winter Americas 2019 was played. Group B held Scarlett, Expect, Epic, and Pilipili, playing to advance to the next round. Scarlett is considered to be favorite to come out of the group.

WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect [Starcraft 2]
WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect Starcraft 2 Esports
Image source: Blizzard

Scarlett and Expect face in a best of 3 Zerg vs Terran match to decide who advances to the next round, both coming from victories against Pilipili and Epic respectively. The winner advances directly, and the loser has to play in the loser’s bracket of the group to stay alive in the tournament. Lets see what happened.

Game 1 WCS Winter Americas 2019
WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect Starcraft 2 Group B Esports
Source: Blizzard

The first game of the WCS Winter Americas 2019 actually started great for Expect, putting a lot of early pressure onto Scarlett while building his bio-based force. However this only ended up to be a soft contain. Scarlett’s excellent creepspread and early legion of Queen kept Expect’s Reaper and Hellions away from her Drones,. This was crucial for a Zerg’s early game. She even managed to micro perfectly a Queen and a Spore Crawler to kill a Liberator without losing a single Drone.

Esports WCS Winter Americas 2019 Scarlett vs Expect Starcraft 2 Group B
Image source: Blizzard

When the Medivacs started coming for Expect, and the Marine bio force grew in numbers, Expect began to push back the creep with carefully placed scans. However Scarlett was ready with the classic Zerg counter for Terran Bio: Zerglings and Banelings. Even with the pressure put by Expect, the creepspread was so good that the Banelings were a constant menace, and Expect had to respect them. All this gave Scarlett time to build up her late game economy.

Siege Tanks

Around 160 supply Expect attacked using his Medivac-Marine army alongside some Siege Tanks, and actually did quite a lot of damage, wiping almost the entire ground army of Scarlett. However he forgot to expand behind the attack, and did not finish the game, eventually his forced had to retreat and he left the economy of Scarlett almost unscratched.

Scarlet did not lose one of her expansions, and created a group of Mutalisks for a counterattack to gain some time. It was really effective: the Mutas killed a lot of SUVs and a few building. This gave Scarlett all the time she needed for the late game.

Expect did not use his Thors to repel the Mutalisk squad, they were not moved with Medivacs and got stuck between a lot of workers. He lost a lot of momentum and resources because of that mistake. While that was happening, scarlet finished her 3/3 melee upgrades, Adrenal Glands, and created 12 Ultralisks to be in the front of her army. At the end she just maxed out with that high-tech army and destroyed Expect on game 1.

Game 2 WCS Winter Americas 2019

The second game of the WCS Winter Americas 2019 was more calm in the beginning, with the same soft contain of Reaper and Hellions from the last game. However this time they put a lot less pressure onto Scarlett’s bases, so she ended up saturating her 3 bases faster and took advantage of it.

This time Expect seemed a little confused about what he wanted to accomplish. Since he created 2 early Banshees to put pressure on Scarlett. But did not research their Cloak ability. When they attacked the main base of Zerg, they were met with 3 Queens. This made the attack and the investment useless. After that he transitioned to a Bio-based force, but crucially did not make any drop play.


The Banshees were a great idea in this match. They provided a menace to the mineral line of the opponent by being invisible. But also they hit the ground hard; a couple of Banshees was a pretty good to idea with early Roach pushes. Sadly for Expect, his use of this unit was pretty disappointing.

Seeing that Expect left her alone, Scarlett saturated her 3 bases with Drones. This created a massive Roach army to overwhelm him, alongside +1 carapace (armor) and Glial Reconstitution (speed upgrade). This makes each Roach survive up to 40 non-upgraded Marine shots, and move faster to reinforce the main army.

After several misplays coming from Expect, he could not deal with the sheer amount of units Scarlett was producing. Each Roach is extremely bulky. And when critically damaged they can be healed by Queens, or morphed into Ravagers. So Scarlett used her economic advantage to produce a lot of Roaches. Just by sheer numbers she brute-forced her way into Expect’s base. When the supply difference was over 100, Expect surrender and Scarlett advanced to the Round of 16.

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