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When you give up on video games

When you give up on video games

Video games is apart of our DNA. And as gamers we all have a connection. We’re a tight knit community. So when someone gives up on video games, we feel pain as is the case with this auction I just stumbled upon.

Link here

The auction above is for an entire video game collection. It’s sad to see auctions like this, and I’ve seen many over the years. It’s the liquidation of your childhood. So many great memories, so many great titles all being sold in one auction.

The nostalgia alone would kill me to sell my entire collection in one shot. Most probable buyer is one who’ll just resell everything on a classified website or even list the items individually in their eBAy store.


Here is what the seller said in the description of the auction:

Mostly complete ranging from good to new, some rare games, (persona ps1, zelda ocarina of time collectors edition NEW sealed, contra not for resale, tons of premium titles rpgs and collectors editions, to much to list message for details, can be shipped for $1,500 standard shipping. or pick up..multiple ps4s, there is a psvr nintendo switch and xbox1 consoles as well…there is 500 to 700 ps2 games, 300 to 500 original xbox, 100+ gamecube games, 100+ dreamcast, near 20 complete n64 games and a few loose, 200+ wii, sega saturn games, sega genesis, peripherals, accesories, tons of controllers, lots of strategy guides many collectors editions for the guides, 30 + handhelds, 3ds, ds, vita, psp gameboy colors, 2 original working gameboys, 2 game gears only partial working, 20+ snes and nes games …some working systems that have been tested but are incomplete like the turbo grafix, and jaguar..there is a lot I can’t show due to picture limitation, so please message before bidding with questions and more extensive details.

This entire collection probably cost close to the $100,000 mark, given that everything was bought brand new. It’s painful to see this but in the end the seller has their reasons for selling it, and to put it bluntly, some people just move on and want to pass the baton to someone else.


This is an excellent price to be honest, especially with what you’re getting. For the starting bid of $13,500 to be

The only bone I have to pick with the seller is the HORRIBLE quality of the pictures. If you’re putting up a high ticket item on eBay, especially this dream collection, you got to have HD pics my man. I’ll be curious what happens with this auction.

Pictures below:

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When you give up on video games

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