GTA 4 Safety Deposit Box, Video Game Towels and More!

Happy Thanks Giving to all the fellow Canadians! For all our international viewers, today’s a holiday for Canada. Every second Monday in October, we celebrate to give thanks at the close of the harvest season! I know Akira was up all night cooking his traditional “Kirby Turkey”! Hey Akira take a picture of the Turkey if your family and you haven’t eaten it yet!

Well, with that said I was able to find some unique and rare auctions today.

GTA 4 Deposit Box

Here’s an interesting auction I haven’t seen for a while. It’s the cool GTA 4 safety deposit box! Comes with an extra key, and if I’m not mistaken, the end of the key has the “Rockstar” logo.

Although the seller doesn’t mention this, I’m sure you all knew this item is from the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition package, except minus the other stuff 🙂

Click here for Grand Theft Auto IV Safety Deposit Box

Biohazard 0 Umbrella 8″ Magnum Revolver

Biohazard 0 Umbrella 8

Now I’ve noticed a bunch of Biohazard Air Soft guns on eBay. I never seen this much before and I wonder why all of a sudden the wave of guns? It’s also coming from multiple sellers which is weird, but hey it’s good for the Resident Evil fans! This Biohazard Magnum is very rare and limited.

If you do a search you’ll find the regular Magnum Revolver that’s 6 inches, but this gun is the 8 inch version which is a lot rarer than it’s 6″ counterpart. Both guns are actually in the game(RE 0), the 6 inch version is found in the beginning of the game, while the 8″ version is found in a secret cabinet on the train which I believe was on the first floor. Anyways, the gun is at a GREAT price! The box is a little messy so if you don’t mind than go for this. But make sure to check your importation laws before buying this gun since it’s coming from Japan. VGA is not held responsible if the gun gets confiscated so bid with caution! We’re just here to pass on the good deals on ebay 😉

Link for Umbrella 8″ Magnum Revolver

Other Cool Auctions
Virtual Boy Sunglasses Made By Nintendo – Preeetty expensive
Namco Museum Encore – for you Namco lovers. Item’s in the US with best-offer
Legend Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack – cheapo!
Soul Calibur III Laser-Etch Bloc & Metal Plate Keychain – sexy!
Video Game Towels
Ok this is pretty weird to add in this post but I had the sudden urge to search for game towels, which surprisingly yielded a lot of results! You can always use an extra towel 😉
Resident evil 5 beach towel
Samurai Spirits 15th Anniversary Towel
Gears of War Marcus Beach Towel – this ones nice
Kinect Towel “Your Shape” Fitness Evolved
Sega Sports Towel w/ extra Swag
Wii Fit Sports Towel
Mario Print Face Towels

Good Luck!

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GTA 4 Safety Deposit Box, Video Game Towels and More!

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