Halo Forward Unto Dawn Sculpture, Dragonslayer Statue and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have a bunch of auctions submitted by Vintageantiques (Thanks man!) which includes some rare merchandise. As well I have some Zelda auctions listed. I always keep an eye on Zelda items as sometimes they have sealed toys that start at $10. Enjoy the auctions and if you want to say something leave it in the comments section!

Video Game Auctions:

Zelda A Link to the Past BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED – it’s a VGA graded 75 and at a $155 so far you can’t go wrong by placing a bid.

NEW & SEALED! Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Phillips CDi – It’s impressive that this is sealed, and it’s at $127. I wonder what it will go for.

Vintage Milton Bradly Nintendo Legend of Zelda Board Game – This isn’t new but it’s in excellent condition. It’s at $87 and that’s surprising since that’s usually the price of a brand new one.

Hyperkin SupaBoy White Console (NTSC) – This is barely used as the seller claims. It’s able to play SNES games from North America and from Japan (Super Famicom).

HALO FORWARD UNTO DAWN McFarlane RESIN STATUE Master Chief vs Hunter – “This preorder Auction is for a Limited Edition (1 of 500) Halo Forward Unto Dawn Statue by McFarlane Toys which is sold out. Your statue should ship shortly after I receive it sometime in mid DEC. Edition number will not be known until I receive the statue.”

Dragonslayer Ornstein original statue bust figure Dark Souls hand made unique – “Creator of the Dark Souls statues for Namco Bandai’s “Treasures Untold” contest in 2011, artist Peter Nordstrom (me) created a new line of figures available to the public. Limited editions of each statue are made, with this particular piece, Dragonslayer Ornstein, is a unique 1/1 piece in itself. During the mold pouring process, the casting material leaked and then hardened accidentally and out came a “damaged” figurine. Instead of discarding or repairing the figure, I instead left it as it was and painted it to look as if he had been wounded with bloody holes in his body. This is the only statue like this, the rest of my series do not have these holes. Approximately 11 inches tall.”

Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss Defeated statue mini figure unique sculpture – “Creator of the Dark Souls statues for Namco Bandai’s “Treasures Untold” contest in 2011, artist Peter Nordstrom (me) created a new line of figures available to the public. Limited editions of each statue are made. This particular piece was formed by error, in the molding pouring process the material hardened too quickly and resulted in holes, which looked too cool to discard the figure and start over. Instead I painted the piece to look as if Artorias was defeated, with holes and blood. It is a unique piece, none of my others turned out this way. Approximately 5 inches tall.”

Skyrim Alduin Dragon Statue And Art Book-“This is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Collector’s Edition Alduin Dragon Statue! This listing is for the statue only and there is no game included. Created in conjunction with the IP Factory, this limited edition statue stands 12″ tall and is made of high quality PVC. Modeled from actual in-game 3D digital files.

PAX Prime 2012 Konami Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Poster signed by Hideo Kojima – “Here is a fantastic piece of gaming history: a 25th Anniversary Metal Gear poster signed by legendary series creator, Hideo Kojima. These posters were exclusive giveaways at Penny Arcade Expo 2012 for those who waited in line over 3 hours to meet him. The 25th Anniversary button featured in the lower right corner is also included in this auction. Please email me with any questions that you have before auction’s end. I am clearing out a good portion of my video game, anime, action figure, Transformers, game poster, and manga collection, so please check out my other auctions for great items or email me with items you are looking for.

Earthbound Figure Ghost of Starman Promo Promotional Nintendo Starmen.net – “For sale is a figure that could only be obtained by winning a competition on Starmen.net many years ago! It has handcrafted by Camile Young, the same person who made all the models for the Mother 3 Handbook!“.

Nintendo Promo Pogs Nintendo Power Zelda Metroid Mario Yoshi Donkey Kong – This is a really nice auction. It’s the complete Nintendo Power Pog Set with the official pog holder binder. I’m surprised at how low it is on auction but there’s 5 days left so place your bid!

Yoshi’s Island SNES Super Nintendo Promo Promotional Vintage Tape – This was used in store for promotional purposes.

EarthBound Super Nintendo Promo Box Promotional Box only – This was used in stores to promote Earthbound when it first came out. It does not include the game or manual.

Super Nintendo SNES Employee Promo 1991 Tour Badge Promotional – This is a badge obtained from a Nintendo Employee that was worn during the 1991 Super Nintendo U.S. Tour! This little known event showcased Nintendo’s latest and great system at the time, the SNES.

Super Nintendo SNES Store Display Promo Promotional Rare Shelf-Display – This was used in stores on shelves when the SNES was released.

Earthbound Nintendo Promo Promotional Store Display Sign Standee – This is a beautiful display card used at Walmart for the original launch of Earthbound for the Super Nintendo! Isn’t it crazy how cheap the game was back then.

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Halo Forward Unto Dawn Sculpture, Dragonslayer Statue and More!

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