Happy Easter! Halo Wall Statue, Punch Out Gold Cart, Posters

Happy Easter VGA readers! I’ve got some really cool auctions for your viewing. One of my favorites is the Halo Wall Statue, just super cool I wish the seller would ship it worldwide(even though I am just above him in Canada!), I would gladly pay $100 for shipping. I’ve also found some simple posters but still cool for a low price so let’s jump into this:

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Famicom System Games Console JAPAN – Wow this is awesome. A famicom brand new in the box! Nice little piece of Nintendo history you can have in your game room.

Halo 2 MasterChief Wall Statue – Yes this is indeed rare, although I’ve seen another one about 3 months ago, they don’t show up often and that’s because the people who have it want it to stay in their game room. Just so cool with Masterchief coming out. It’s currently on auction and the seller ships it across the US, not internationally.

Neo Geo Aes Viewpoint – Rare title for the Neo Geo, it’s a fun shooter with cool music. If you want to see how it plays check it out here. Currently on auction at $267.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 – With 11 bids at $265 you can be sure it’s sought after by collector’s but for this specific auction it’s high because it’s complete CIB.

PS1 Playstation Lot OF 7 RARE SEALED GAMES – Yup 7 sealed games for the Ps1 that are decent titles. I wouldn’t say they’re absolutely rare but I would say it’s a nice lot for a sealed Ps1 games.

Gold Punch Out Famicom Cart – 10,000 were relased, they don’t appear too often on YAJ. The cart is currently at $155 on auction. Nice if you’re a PO fan.

Snatcher Complete – Nice condition Snatcher for the Sega CD. It’s at $142 and usually goes over $200 in this condition. Great game made by Kojima.

Kefka’s Domain Final Fantasy VI CD – Was part of the US promotional line of items for the game. Anyone who was an RPG fan back when the SNES was at it’s prime will recognize this as it was on the back of the Squaresoft posters for mail order along with other cool collectibles.

SIGNED Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm poster – Signed by the Blizzard devlopment team on SC 2. This isn’t a print, it’s genuinely signed in gold-ink which is cool.

Legend of Kyrandia Poster – A classic pointer for the PC made by Virgin games back in 1993. This is a poster that came with the game in the box. Fun pointer if you’re a fan you should try this game.

Act Raiser 2 poster – Simple poster from the game Act Raiser 2, it’s only $14 bucks and it looks to be in great shape.

Nintendo Famicom Disk System ZELDA Poster – A mini poster for Zelda on the famicom. Would look nice in a frame next to your Zelda collectibles.

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Happy Easter! Halo Wall Statue, Punch Out Gold Cart, Posters

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