ICO Press Kit, Final Fantasy, Zelda Collectibles, Soundtracks and more!

Good morning VGA readers. Today I’ve got great listings at great prices. See here’s the thing, you have some collector’s who are ruthless. They see a collectible and are willing to pay high bucks. These collector’s are fearless and go after what they want. Then you have the passive collector. He/she too might pay a high price for collectibles but they usually hold back and look for the “bargains” or “deals” on collectibles. Which one are you? I can say I’ve learned to become the latter as the years go by because I’ve been doing this for so long I know what is ultra rare and what can wait a bit. With that said I have some auctions for both collector’s. Let’s ROLL:

First auction is for an ICO Press Kit. This is a wonderful press release for ICO, check out the detailed box, how freakin cool is that? Anyone who played ICO can appreciate this kit, and the candle is so cool. Everything about this is awesome and it includes a Shadow of the Colossus demo. On auction and currently at $77 this is an amazing deal so far but I expect this to hit a high price.

Second auction is for a Final Fantasy VII Standee. This is being re-listed at a lower price. I featured this a month or two ago and it was selling for $750 if I remember correctly. Now it’s $300 on auction or buy it now for $500. Final Fantasy VII never had huge displays for the Playstation, or at least I’ve never seen them. If there were it’d be on eBay already but never seen it. I know they have official “posters” of the cover in North America as well as little “standees”. This is the Standee for the PC and really nice. Any Final Fantasy VII fan should be drooling over this, I know I am and I’m so tempted to get it. Check out the pictures in the auction, there’s a picture of the back and you can see the store “reserved” this peice for the seller by writing on the back of it that it belongs to him(if not the seller then the original owner). It’s funny because that’s what stores did for me when I asked if I could have it. Originally stores were not allowed to sell these billboards rather they could give it away for free or trash it. I think distributors told store owners they are not allowed to sell these, must have been policy. Now everyone sells it…

Other Video Game Auctions:

Atari 2600 River Patrol – Very rare Atari 2600 title submitted by our friend Sebastian

Nintendo 47 Games CIB – This is at $999 and the last similar auction went for over$1200.

SNES RPG Mini Lot – Nice lot, mix of Enix and Squaresoft titles. A little pricey but their complete so it might cost you even more if you were to buy these individually.

Final Fantasy VII Cologne – Want to WOO the ladies? Want to have men look up to you? Well why not spray some Final Fantasy VII Cloud Cologne. Before you hit the club you can pimp up the joint with some Strife influence. Sure I know what you’re thinking, “But Cloud never even took a shower?!?”, he didn’t have to, he was equiped with this cologne 🙂

Final Fantasy Soundtrack lot – From VII up to X all complete and mint. 3 of the 4 soundtracks are Square-enix, the other onoe is Digicube.

Resident Evil 2 US Soundtrack – Official US release by Capcom, a nice find with a low price.

Star Ocean Soundtrack Lot – Nice lot, official but Square-enix releases. Some might say “So what?”, well it’s not original from ENIX which holds more value for the true collector at heart. I know that’s what I would look for it buying a cd. I’m a nut like that.

Mega Man Soundtrack X Collection – X1 to X8, all released by Capcom, these are not bootlegs and the price is amazing.

Mega Man Soundtrack NES Collection – Mega Man soundtracks from the first NES release to the 9th on download.

The 7th Guest PC Soundtrack – This is the Mac version, and it includes the Soundtrack which is cool. This was a huge hit in the early 90s.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Autographed Cover – Signed by Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. Man does Kojima work like a horse to promote the Metal Gear Solid series.

Call of the Dead Poster signed by entire Zombie Staff at Treyarch – I haven’t played this map yet, I hear Romero is annoying because he follows you around as a Zombie.

Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Sealed – Decent sealed copy with a price tag though. Currently at $225 but with a reserve.

Zelda Oracle of Ages VGA – At $150 bucks I think it’s worth the price. It’s a VGA rated 85 Gold.

Snes RPG Lot Very Nice – A Nice assortment of RPGs on SNES. The current bid is at $77. Good price for 10 games, two of the games are only boxes (Brain Lord and Ultima).

TOMY Legend of Zelda Figures – These are mini figures sealed from TOMY. Bids at $66. The picture makes my eyes strain.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3ds Billboard Poster – This is the poster I said that will have value in the future, although it does seem this seller has A LOT of these. The price is right, and would look nice in a game room in my opinion.

Legend of Zelda Plate 1988 – I always show these because I know there are interested buyers in vintage Zelda items. This plate is currently at $29.99 with 0 bids thus far. Good price in my opinion.

Nintendo Posters, Inserts, and Manuals – There are over 40 posters, inserts and manuals all in great shape. Auction is $15 or buy it now for $20.

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3ds Owl Poster – This is one of my favorite of the promotional posters for Ocarina 3ds. I just love the OWL *Hoot*.

Super Mario Brothers 3 McDonalds Display – Great display and really captures Mario at his prime. Not saying Mario has gone downhill since, but nothing compares to the giant advertising from Super Mario 3.

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  1. Yeah, there extremely rare! What makes it even more is the candle, that’s not cracked, used or chipped. Ico’s press kits are definatley some of the best, have you seen the bird cage kit?

ICO Press Kit, Final Fantasy, Zelda Collectibles, Soundtracks and more!

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