Keiji Inafune's Autograph, Punch Out and Space Ace Signed

Today’s post is all about autographs, and right now there’s some interesting video game auctions currently up. For those of you who are into this type of collecting you might be wondering why I added the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out signed if he didn’t actually make the game. I can see your point and we all know that Mike Tyson’s not a game developer, however, to have Mike Tyson’s signature on one of the best NES games is an exception. I mean just imagine Punch Out without Mike Tyson! Wouldn’t it be strange? For me, having Derek Jeter Sign MLB 2K11, or LeBron James sign NBA 2k12 means nothing. They are great atheltes but preferably I only place high value if the signature comes from someone that was pertinent in the production process of the game such as producers/game developers/artists and composers signatures. And yes it is once again debatable as some athletes do come into the studio’s to take part of the “motion” aspect of the game but again it’s still not the same. But….. Mike Tyson is different, and will always be in a different category than every other athlete. He’s just special, and I would love to have him sign my copy of Punch Out.

There is a copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch on the NES signed by the man himself. Best part of the auction is that it’s authenticated by PSA/DNA and has the Certificate number of 3A98064. Seller got this signed on July 23, 2011 in San Diego, California. There’s a “Make Offer” on top of the Buyt it Now price of $299.99. If someone hit’s the buy it now, don’t worry as the seller has a second cart up. I really like this auction and it would be so cool to frame this cart.

Click here for Mike Tyson’s Signed Nintendo Punch Out Cart

Also, another cool auction is for this 2010 Mega Man Legends 3 Poster signed by Keiji Inafune. Just like Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Legends 3 Project was cancelled with the departure of Inafune from Capcom. So cancelled game + Keiji Inafune’s Autograph = Increased future value! The downfall to the auction is that the poster is “folded”. Although it shouldn’t be a big factor, collectors in general are picky and I can imagine that the poster would look a little awkward in a frame. But still, it’s Keiji Inafune’s autograph! Great auction! submitted by **Ronald!

Other Video Game Autographs:

Space Ace Control Panel Overlay Signed – Signed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman! Imagine how amazing it would be to own the Space Ace arcade machine, and have the control panel signed by the producer and animator? It’s unheard of! Great auction and I believe once this is gone, it’s gone for good so if you’re a Space Ace nut I’d jump on this oppertunity.

Punch Out!! Wii Glove Signed by Little Mac #1
Punch Out!! Wii Glove Signed by Little Mac #2

Starcraft 2 Uniform Signed – It’s signed by Prime Clan member “MarineKingPrime”. I don’t know much about clans from South Korea since I don’t follow that, but SC in general is huge over there and they even have a TV channel dedicated to the game (tourny’s, 1v1 battles, interviews, life of SC). Not sure how much interest this jacket would get in N.America.

Everytime I make a post about signed collectibles I always need to reiterate the point of ALWAYS CHECKING THE AUTOGRAPH. You never know when you are buying a fake and the only way to combat this is by doing your research. There will always be autographs that are fake and sometimes done so well that even we at VGA become victim to these scam artists. There are also plenty of professional websites who can give their input on an autograph you will purchase. Also, make sure to ask the seller the details on how he obtained the autograph. You’d be surprised how many times they screw up in the response.

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Keiji Inafune's Autograph, Punch Out and Space Ace Signed

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