Kingdom Hearts Gold Statues,Stronghold Atari 2600,Godot Mug

Monogram International Inc has put out some nice Gold Kingdom Hearts Statues which will be for sale at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer. They are officially listed as paperweights, but I think viewing them as statues is more satisfying :). For those who are not familiar with the company, they make high quality gift and novelty products, predominantly characters from the Disney Company. The paperweights are of characters Mickey and Sora. Each come in resin and feature an attractive gold finish that really stands out on display. Each SDCC exclusive is limited to only 50 pieces. These will be available at the SDCC, but if you can’t make it and really want these then your best bet is to place an order with the seller above. There’s no indication if these will be serialized.

Next auction is a real cool collectors piece. It’s for the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Promo DVD, and its getting some considerable amount of attention. Imagine, you received a promo DVD for a game in 2001 only to wait another 10 years for the game to come out. How insane in that? The on-off release dates for Duke Nukem Forever couldn’t have been more annoying for hardcore fans. Let me tell ya, 10 years is a long time and plenty of updates, revisions and new creations were done since then so the 2001 trailer will definitely be different. I actually found the original trailer from 2001 here and you can compare it with the kick a** 2011 trailer here. Pretty different huh? I’m not sure if any of those scenes from the 2001 clip were actually used in the new version of the game but only Akira could tell us that. Thanks **Duke for the submission!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Stronghold – Atari 2600, CommaVid, Cart & Manual – One of the harder Atari 2600 games to find, this game is listed as an 8-9 in rarity. The auction comes with the manual which is uncommon when this game pops up on eBay. The condition of the cart sticker is quite good considering it gets damaged quite easily with Stronghold. Many collectors have complained about this and I was never sure why it’s a common problem. Thanks **Al for the submission!
Phoenix Wright Promo GODOT Coffee Mug – Haven’t seen this on eBay yet. Seller says: “This was only sold at Tokyo Game Show 2008 at the Capcom booth and was sold out in under the first couple of hours of the show on both days. The mug is still in it’s original packaging and never opened. Will come with its original box!”. This is a great collector’s piece for the franchise considering there aren’t too many rare items for this game apart from the obvious mini figures that were made and the Coffee Drink promo from E3.
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Promo Advertising Wristwatch – This auction is for a cute Sonic the Hedgehog wristwatch. It’s dated to 1995. Low starting price!
This is your only chance at getting these Air Force One’s Under $100 – they have been used…..
Team Sega Challenge Newsletters 2 3 4 5 6 7 – These are really cool Team Sega Challenge Newsletters which are pretty rare to find. They are similar like the Nintendo Newsletters that were coming out in the late 80’s early 90’s.
The Total Package of Everything Call of Duty – Here’s an impressive lot for one of the best video game franchises to date. It’s everything you ever wanted to buy for Call of Duty, yeah, even Call of Duty Le Jour de Gloire.
Sellers got the prestige/collector editions for MW2 and BlackOps.
Ace Attorney Head Phones – For only $0.99 how can you complain? Seller says: “These were only obtainable as a pre-order gift when the Gyakuten Saiban 4 was released”.

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  1. Hitting the Pheonix Wright searches huh? Those Kingdom Heart Statues are going to be really cool to have, and that sonic watch is so 1992.

  2. could someone get me one of those headsets? The seller’s pretty clear he won’t ship outside of the U.S

  3. Kenji – But Canada is so close to Alaska! :lol:.

    Elle – I could ship the Ace Attorney headphones to you Elle 🙂 But shipping on the standees would be horrid to the US 🙁 Can you post pictures of what you have on the forums? You mentioned MGS 4? That’s one of my favorite games!

    BTW, I’m in Phoenix Arizona right now. Sorry if I don’t respond to emails and such.

  4. Kenji’s response is in reference to the huge postal strike we are currently experiencing. So no mail coming in or leaving Canada 🙁

  5. Wow, are you kidding me? No mail at all? I just ordered 2 things from Canada this week, so does that mean I’m not getting anything until the strike is over?

  6. Joseph – it depends what postal service the seller used. If you ordered them after June 16th then there’s no way the seller could of used Canada Post as they closed down. They probably went to FedEx or UPS. OR…they are waiting for the strike to be over with since it’s more expensive with FedEx and UPS. I need to pay my bills and haven’t received anything yet, that’s whats getting me a little annoyed :/

Kingdom Hearts Gold Statues,Stronghold Atari 2600,Godot Mug

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